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What do new pricing plans bring to me?

Gumlet is going through a lot of change and the new pricing plans are arguably the biggest one. Since the announcement on 15th June, a lot of users have asked us this question “What do the new pricing plan the mean to me?”

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What do new pricing plans bring to me?

Here, I will attempt to answer the question with as much clarity and detail as possible.

For Enterprise customers

No change. Your pricing and integrations will work as it is. The pricing change has no effect on your relationship with Gumlet. Please contact your account manager in case of any questions.

For Appsumo users

This refers to the Gumlet users who have purchased the deal from Appsumo and have redeemed anywhere from 1 to 5 codes.

Again, no change is required from your side. You are not required to subscribe to any of the new pricing plans. There is no monthly payment required from your side. You have already paid us in advance while buying the deal from Appsumo.

You will be moved to a special “Appsumo subscription” plan automatically. Where you will enjoy the same benefits and features of your current plan:

  • Unlimited: sources / websites, users
  • 100 GB Cloudfront CDN bandwidth per code
  • $ 0.10 per GB for extra usage
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Etc.

New Automatic Custom CNAME + SSL feature is an add-on feature, available for all users.

We will be launching some new “Agency features” in July in our Business plan. These features are revenant for only few Appsumo users, and they were not promised as part of the deal. These feature will not be available under the  “Appsumo subscription” plan. If you want to avail these agency features, you will have to “upgrade” to our Business Plan.

Again, we will provide a special discounted upgrade option to you guys instead of the regular $50 / month pricing. More details on the features and discounted upgrade plans will be announced around 10th July 2020. Until then no actions are required from any Appsumo users.

For Good old “Pay As You Go” Gumlet users

There is no sugar coating it, this pricing change will affect you the most. I understand that it may come as a surprise for you. So let me start by explaining the Why?

Why is Gumlet changing the pricing plans?

Gumlet started as an image resize and compression API tool. The “Pay As You Go” plan was the best fit for that use-case. However, over the last 1 year we have evolved into a SaaS with differentiated value proposition: “No/Low code tool for Best Image optimisation”.

In this new direction, we are reaching out to a huge variety of SME sites across the world. These website owners use Gumlet only using the plugins. For these no-code integrations “Pay As You Go” plan was creating a lot of confusion. As most users did not know their monthly usage or could not estimate it with certainty. Due to this Gumlet was facing a huge challenge in adaptation.

The new pricing plans are designed using the data from 4000 existing customers. They are suitable for the needs of 95% of the website without any additional or top-up payments.

We hope that the early adopters of Gumlet will continue to support and use it through this transition. To do so, you have to subscribe to one of the new pricing plans (Pro or Business). More details about these pricing plans can be found on our pricing page.

Please do not worry or panic. Your current website will continue to work as it is. Gumlet service will continue to work for you without any interruptions. You will have up till 30th Sept 2020 to make the choice. We are also launching a referral program in July 2020 which may help you get free upgrades to Pro plan.

If you have any questions, requests or feedback please write to us at support@gumlet.com. We would love to hear from you and help you out in any way possible.

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