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Fastest way to start streaming

Going from upload to stream with Gumlet is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Upload and manage

Upload your videos from anywhere without waiting in upload queues. Organize your videos in collections, playlists, and tags. Quickly create custom settings based on your video use case.

  1. Personalize and secure

Easily add your branding to your videos, along with subtitles, thumbnails, CTAs, and more. With just a few clicks, set up multi-layered video protection to protect your videos from piracy and theft.

  1. Embed and stream

Customize every aspect of the video player with just a few clicks. Get ready to share embed codes and streaming URLs within seconds of uploading. Paste them anywhere and start streaming.

Video hosting for every use case

Versatile platform for all your video needs. Choose from a range of settings to personalize and fully customize your video workflow to fit your unique use case.

Artists and creators

Grow your audience and entice them with a cinematic video experience. Showcase your videos to the world or gatekeep them for your paid subscribers.

E-learning and course creators

Protect your courses from illegal downloads and theft. Easily organize videos by courses, manage learner access and deliver a powerful learning experience.


Boost engagement, and drive sales for your online store with shoppable videos. Easily set up vertical videos, add “buy now” buttons, and capture in-depth analytics.


Your one-stop video solution for your business. Drive your video marketing, internal communications, product showcases, and webinar videos all from one dashboard.

Take complete control of your videos

Easy upload

Instantly upload your videos from anywhere without waiting in upload queues. Drag and drop videos from your device, or import them from the cloud. Automate video upload at scale with powerful APIs and integrations, including Vimeo, S3, Zoom, and more, in just one click.

Video CMS

A snappy and intuitive video CMS to organize your videos your way. Categorize your video assets into collections and playlists. Customize video processing and privacy settings for each collection. Add video details and customize player settings all from one dashboard.

Personalize your videos to steal the spotlight

Customizable video player

Add your branding to your videos with our ad-free video player. Easily toggle player and seek bar settings. Set up preload, autoplay, and loop with just one click to suit your preferences.

Unlimited subtitles & audio

Generate unlimited subtitles in 125+ languages powered by our in-house AI technology at no extra cost. Cater to a global audience with built-in support for multiple audio tracks.

Thumbnails and chapters

Add custom thumbnails to your videos - pick a frame from the video or upload an image or GIF of your choice. Divide videos into chapters and create seekbar previews for visual summaries.

Unbreakable video protection

Dual DRM

Protect your videos from piracy and content theft with Gumlet’s cost-effective dual-DRM encryption. Easily set up Google Widevine and Apple's Fairplay DRM with a few clicks. Deliver glitch-free secure streaming with instant video start times and universal playback across devices and platforms.

Multi-level protection

Manage access control and add more layers of protection to your videos. Add dynamic watermarks to deter illegal screen recordings. Add Geo-blocking and password protection to limit playback. Enable domain restrictions to play your videos only on your websites. Allow time-based access with Signed URLs.

Share, stream, and track

Video embeds & sharing URLs

Embedding videos across websites, apps, and emails is quick and easy with Gumlet's support for iFramely, oEmbed, & Embedly. Access sharable, thumbnail, and playback URLs within minutes of uploading your videos for universal compatibility.

Cinematic playback

Dazzle your viewers with high-quality buffer-free HLS streaming. Deliver a YouTube-like adaptive streaming experience with snappy start times and resolutions from 360p to 4k HDR. Ensure seamless playback even on mobile devices and choppy networks.

In-depth analytics

Track and grow your business with deep video insights. Track every aspect of your videos. Add custom data, create dashboards, and filter across metrics to gain unique insights. Set up SDKs for easy flow of data across platforms.

Developer tools and integrations

APIs and Webhooks

Easily build custom, on-demand, and user-generated video workflows with APIs, SDKs, and Webhooks. Automate video upload, transcoding, and streaming pipelines in no time and develop your unique video workflows.

Integrate with your tools

Seamlessly integrate with tools like Zapier and Pabbly. Easily migrate your videos by integrating with Zoom, S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Quickly embed your videos with iFramely, oEmbed, and Embedly support.

A complete video solution.

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