Multi-layered Video Protection

Protect your videos against piracy, theft and unauthorized access with the latest video protection.

Video protection

Streaming secure videos for:


Secure your videos and maximize revenue

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Complete video protection

Keep your videos safe with the latest video protection technology and prevent revenue leaks.

End piracy & theft

Protect your videos against piracy and unauthorized screen recordings with DRM and dynamic watermarks.

Restrict playback

Limit video playback to specific domains and generate time-bound URLs with allowed refers and signed URLs.

Control access

Control who watches your videos with simple access permissions and unbreakable encryption.

Easy implementation

Implement multi-layered video protection for your content in a few minutes and a few clicks.

Hollywood-grade video protection for all

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Digital Rights Management - DRM

Protect your videos from piracy and content theft with Widevine and FairPlay, dual-DRM encryption. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the highest level of video protection available, used by streaming giants like Netflix and Prime Video to securely deliver videos online. With Gumlet, you can effortlessly set up DRM encryption for your videos with just a single click. Experience glitch-free streaming with instant video start times and universal playback compatibility across all devices.

    Apple DEVICES

    Apple FairPlay

    Gumlet is Apple's authorized vendor for FairPlay DRM. This specialized DRM protection is designed for the Apple ecosystem. It combines strong encryption and user authentication to keep your videos secure across all Apple platforms.


    Widevine DRM

    Gumlet is Google’s authorized vendor for Widevine DRM. Safeguard your video playback across Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Android devices with Widevine DRM. Seamlessly set up and encrypt your videos for secure playback across devices.


    Dynamic watermarks

    Dynamic watermarking provides an extra layer of security to video streams by embedding visible watermarks containing discreet viewer information like email, contact details, or IP addresses. This discourages unauthorized screen recordings and distribution of videos more challenging and, in turn, prevents revenue leakages. Enable dynamic watermarks with a simple click straight right from our dashboard.

      Control who views your videos

      Domain restriction with allowed referrer

      Allowed refer lets you control where your videos can be played. Choose multiple domains or restrict specific ones. This way, you can make sure your videos are only played on your official website, app, domains of your choice, and nowhere else.

      Expiring tokens with signed URLs

      Create time-sensitive video playback by using expiring tokens and signed URLs. With this, your videos will work for a preset and limited time only. This is helpful if you want to limit access to your videos after the stipulated time.

      Password protection

      Enable password protection for each video on the video settings page. With this setting, viewers can only access your videos with the correct password. As the owner, you are the only one who can generate, share, or remove the password at any time.


      Geo-blocking lets you ‌create an allowlist or blocklist of countries or regions for video playback. This feature is useful when you want to restrict your video playback to specific geographical areas or want to play your videos only in specific regions.

      Unbreakable storage and platform security

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      Security and Compliance

      At Gumlet, we offer a secure platform for uploading, storing, and optimizing videos. Our platform prioritizes data protection and confidentiality. We strictly follow the global security standards for SaaS, implementing robust measures to safeguard your account and offer:

      • Role-based access to accommodate multiple teams

      • Two-factor authentication for secure log-ins

      • AES 128-bit storage encryption

      • SOC2 and GDPR compliance

      Much more than protection, a complete video solution

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