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Cinematic adaptive streaming

Gumlet provides a YouTube-like seamless streaming experience with the latest HLS streaming protocols that work flawlessly even on mobile devices. We support multiple resolutions up to 4K HDR10 and adaptive streaming that automatically picks the right playback resolution based on the viewers’ device and variable network conditions. The result is buffer-free streaming, snappy video start times and striking video quality with every view.

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Everything you need for streaming on the video-first web


In-depth analytics

Elevate your streaming strategy with Gumlet's powerful analytics. Monitor engagement, latency, and experience metrics in real time. Customize dashboards and filter data for actionable insights, empowering content planning decisions.

Video Player

Customizable video player

Our customizable, ad-free video player brings everything together for a superior viewing experience. With a single click, you can customize seek bar buttons, add your brand colors and logo, add chapters and CTAs, and much more. With Embedly and OEmbed support, embedding videos across websites and apps is quick and easy.


Secure streaming

Protect your videos from piracy and content theft using Widevine and Fairplay DRM. Prevent screen recordings with Dynamic watermarks. Ensure your videos are only played on authorized domains using domain restrictions and allowed referrals. Create time-bound streaming links with signed URLs. Secure your video streaming with the right video protection stack.

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99.95% uptime

Multi-CDN global delivery

Designed for scale and reliability, our streaming solution features global delivery and built-in redundancy, providing seamless and uninterrupted streaming to viewers worldwide. This ensures a consistently high-quality experience, regardless of audience size or geographic location.

Multi CDN with Gumlet

Latest codecs

We offer dual codec support for AVC (H264) and HEVC (H265), with AV1 on the way. HEVC (H265) allows 4K HDR10 streaming and supports multiple enhanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos, for superior video quality. Dual codec ensures compatibility across devices and buffer-free streaming even on unstable networks and mobile devices.


Per-title encoding

Our AI-powered video compression enhances the bitrate ladder for each video contextually, dramatically reducing the video file size while maintaining the highest video quality. Smaller video file sizes decrease bandwidth consumption and reduce streaming costs. A lighter video also improves the viewer's experience, providing instant start times and buffer-free streaming.


Developer essentials

APIs & Webhooks

Seamless integration

Simplify your workflow with Gumlet's robust APIs and webhooks, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.


Dual streaming

Streamline your content delivery with dual streaming support for both HLS and DASH. Ensure optimal compatibility and performance across all devices and platforms.

Stream smarter with Gumlet

Cost effective

Start video streaming without breaking the bank. Reduce video size by ~30% without quality loss and significantly cut streaming bandwidth and costs. Ensure you get the most value for your investment.

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Cinematic video quality

Experience the difference with Gumlet’s superior streaming quality. Stream crisp videos from 360p to 4k HDR10 with the latest codecs. Deliver buffer-free videos even on mobile devices and on choppy networks.

Video Quality

Boost viewer engagement

Keep your viewers hooked with snappy video start times, no buffering instances and glitch-free streaming. We make it easy for viewers to stay connected with your content, increasing engagement and viewer satisfaction.

Video enagement

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