Easy, Low Code Integration in Minutes

No need to add width & heights to each image

Let our Smart plugins do the hard work

3 Billion+

Images delivered every week

30 M+

End-users served in 140 countries


Sites & Mobile Apps optimized

Gumlet.js Client Library

As simple as adding Google Analytics.

Just add the code on the right to your website to start optimizing all the past, present & future Images with Gumlet.

Easy, smart and universal.

Works with all frontend frameworks including Angular, React or Vue.js
Easy integration

I've been a Gumlet users since a couple of months and I'm very happy with it. Very easy to integrate - by adding a JavaScript to your source code.

Christian K
Head of development

WordPress Plugin

Sign up > Plugin > Optimize.

Speed up any WordPress site by 40% with just a few clicks.

Put image optimization on auto-pilot.

Responsive resize, Compression, WebP, Lazy Load, CDN, everything in one plugin.
responsive image

Easy Installation to any WordPress site, and have easy settings, cost is affordable.

Nyaroon L.
Assistant Engineer

Magento Integration

No code integration in 15 minutes.

Compress, Optimize and accelerate images without any coding or plugins.

Better conversions and improved SEO.

Faster store pages rank higher, engage better, and convert up to 19% more customers.
Magento image

Next.js Integration

Seamless integration.

Next.js v10 has in-built support for image optimization. Easy integration with a few lines of code.

Responsive images instantly.

Create a Gumlet source and add the code on the right (or left) to get the best possible image optimization.
Next js

Android and iOS Integration

Pixel perfect images.

Serve perfectly optimized images without any SDK or library integration. Simply use this buildImageUrl() function.

Snappy pages & smooth scrolling.

Improve app performance and get more engagement without any backend code changes.
android image

The team of Gumlet was very efficient in helping us optimize our website images drastically. The no-code integration really saved a lot of time, effort and money. The integration of Gumlet on our website also reduced our CDN monthly expenditure by 28%.

Ranjan Sharma
CTO, Bestseller

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