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Process your media the no-code way

No-code integration with Gumlet simplifies workflow management by eliminating complex coding, making image optimization and delivery quick and straightforward. With features like adaptive image delivery and real-time media processing, Gumlet ensures optimal performance and an enhanced user experience. This cost-effective method speeds up deployment and allows users to easily adjust and scale their settings as needed.

    Multi-platform integration

    Gumlet.js content library

    Easily manage and deliver optimized images across your web and mobile applications. Just add a simple code to your website to start optimizing all your images with Gumlet. Works with all frontend frameworks, including Angular, React, and Vue.js.

    Next.js integration

    Enjoy seamless integration with Next.js v10, with built-in support for image optimization. Integrate Gumlet for instant, responsive images with just a few lines of code. Simply create a Gumlet source and add the provided code for the best optimization on your website.

    Magneto integration

    Easily integrate Gumlet with Magento in minutes. Compress, optimize, and accelerate images without any plugins. Experience better conversions and improved SEO as faster store pages rank higher, engage better, and‌ convert up to 23% more customers.

    Android and iOS integration

    Deliver perfectly optimized images to your mobile apps with ease. Serve images without the need for SDKs or library integration. Enhance app performance with snappier pages and smoother scrolling, boosting engagement without any backend code changes.

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    WordPress plugin

    With Gumlet's WordPress plugin, the process is simple: sign up, install the plugin, and optimize your site. Speed up any WordPress website by 40% with just a few clicks. Optimize images automatically with features like responsive resizing, compression, WebP support, lazy loading, and CDN integration.

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