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World’s first Auto-format conversion

Gumlet automatically detects user devices and delivers the latest supported format without the need to pass any parameters to the image path. Depending on ‌browser and device compatibility, we employ the latest formats like AVIF, WebP, JPEG XL, and even GIFs. Auto-format conversion significantly optimizes image delivery, reduces overall bandwidth and costs while improving web vitals.

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    Latest image formats, first on Gumlet

    We already cover all popular image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SVG, RAW, and more. Also, we are the first to adapt to the latest image formats as they hit the market.


    AVIF has better compression efficiency and wider feature support compared to popular image formats. AVIF is designed to supersede JPEG and other established formats and is already supported by major browsers on smartphones and PCs.


    A heavy upgrade from JPEG, JPEG XL is feature-rich and compresses images better than popular image formats. With extensive support on the latest Apple devices, JPEG XL delivers remarkable image quality with much smaller file sizes.


    WebP supports lossy and lossless compression, as well as animation and alpha transparency. It has better compression than JPEG, PNG, and GIF and is designed to supersede them. It is extensively supported across all major browsers.


    GIFs are compressed for faster load times and better UX. We also convert GIFs to animated WebP for supported devices. This further compresses the file size without affecting the visual quality. GIFs are supported across major browsers and devices.

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