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Gumlet's SCP enables startups to deliver optimized video and image content across platforms at half the cost.

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Building and running businesses is tough, and we are here to help. Gumlet’s startup credits program simplifies your tech needs and boosts your business by delivering superior media and user experiences. Unlock world-class image and video infrastructures for effortless media delivery. Get unmatched bandwidth optimization with our proprietary tech and significantly reduce your media delivery costs. With Gumlet’s SCP, you get:
  • First year: 50% off (no limits)

  • Full access to Gumlet video, video insights, and Image optimization

  • Personalized onboarding and migration support

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Startup credits program eligibility criteria

  • Businesses registered in last 4 years

  • Received less than $10M in funding

  • Not already a paying customer of Gumlet

  • Customizable for VC Partner’s portfolio customers

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Why choose Gumlet’s SCP?

Set up in minutes

APIs and Webhooks allow for easy integration of Gumlet with your applications and automate processes without the need for constant upkeep.

Unmatched performance

Best-in-class video transcoding powered by per-title encoding and the highest possible image optimization without any loss of visual quality.

Scale without worry

Our global infrastructure employs auto-scaling and reliable CDNs, allowing Gumlet to successfully deliver over 1 billion media properties daily.


Designed for developers, Gumlet provides an exceptional developer experience through comprehensive documentation, API guides, and free trials for testing.

Secure your assets

Ensure a stress-free streaming and video delivery experience by implementing geo-blocking and signed URLs to secure your video playback.

Personalized support

We offer dedicated support for integrations, as well as migration assistance for onboarding. Our team provides email and chat support with quick TATs.

Partner with Gumlet

We collaborate with leading accelerators, incubators, VCs, and startup communities around the world. We help their portfolio companies build the next big thing without reinventing the wheel.


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