Protect your videos with DRM

Hollywood-grade video encryption to prevent video piracy and content theft.

Restrict unauthorized access to your videos

One-click DRM encryption for fast implementation

Instant video start times and glitch-free streaming

DRM- hero

Streaming secure videos for


Unlock the highest level of video protection with DRM


Digital Rights Management, simplified.

Prevent revenue loss due to unauthorized access and piracy. Secure your videos with Gumlet’s cost-effective Widevine & Fairplay DRM.

Protect Your Video Assets

Use DRM to prevent piracy, content theft, and unauthorized recordings of your videos. Keep your videos safe.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Control who watches your videos with easy-to-set access permissions and unbreakable encryption.

One-Click DRM Implementation

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Gumlet offers the fastest DRM implementation with extensive support.

Instant video start times.

Deliver a seamless video experience with fast start times and glitch-free streaming with DRM

Secure streaming across platforms with Gumlet DRM

Seamlessly stream your videos across Apple, Android, Windows and Smart TVs with dual DRM support. Gumlet is an Apple and Google authorized vendor for both DRMs.


Apple FairPlay

Secure your content across all Apple devices with FairPlay DRM, ensuring seamless access for authorized users.


Google Widevine

Leverage Widevine DRM for broad protection on Android devices & chromium browsers and keep your videos safe.

Effortless DRM Integration

Deploy DRM faster

Whether you're using Gumlet's video hosting or your own, our DRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing video infrastructure. Enable DRM encryption for your videos with just a single click for the fastest implementation. Alternatively, you can set up a custom DRM pipeline with the assistance of our integration engineers.

    End-to-end video protection suite

    Gumlet offers more than just DRM. We protect your videos from unauthorized access, piracy, and theft through multi-layered video protection. Ensure that your videos reach only your intended audience.


    Much more than just video protection. A complete video solution.

    Host, secure, stream and analyze your videos at any scale with Gumlet.

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