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Easily upload videos

Upload videos from your device or any cloud storage quickly without getting stuck in upload queues.

Intuitive video management

Take control of your videos, organize and navigate easily, customize player, and manage access.

Seamless video publishing

Instantly generate playback URLs and embed codes. Quickly publish across websites and apps.

Upload from anywhere

Upload from anywhere

Don’t get stuck in upload queues; upload multiple videos in parallel. Upload videos at scale and automate with integrations and APIs.

Drag and drop

Directly upload videos using drag and drop or easily upload from local storage, web folders or web proxy.

Import from cloud storage

Link up with cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more and automate your video uploading process.

Connect S3-like storages

Easily import videos from S3, DigitalOcean, Wasabi, Google Cloud, Azure or Linode in a few clicks.

Automate uploads

Integrate with Vimeo, S3, Zoom and more with just one click and automatically upload videos in bulk.

Organize your videos your way

Catalog your video assets and create custom settings for each collection.

Video collections

Organize your videos into multiple collections based on similar use cases. For each collection, adjust video processing settings (resolutions from 240p to 4k HDR10 & codecs), player settings, and video privacy settings. Automate the video upload and publishing pipelines for each collection. Also, create custom playlists and video channels directly from your collections.

Video playlists

Create unique video playlists and set your videos to play in a specific sequence. Generate multiple playlists, modify their tags and descriptions, and add the same videos to multiple playlists. Switch videos or sequences on the fly without affecting playback. Publish playlists automatically on video channels or get the playlist URL to embed it anywhere.


Our AI-powered, multilingual smart search feature allows you to quickly search through your library of videos.


Organize and manage videos efficiently by adding multiple relevant tags to each one for contextual grouping.

Backup and Delete

Easily back up your videos in MP4 from the dashboard or remove multiple videos at once to clear up storage space.

Video CMS with no stone left unturned

Thumbnails, chapters & CTAs

Add custom thumbnails to your videos - pick a frame from the video or upload an image or GIF of your choice. Mark chapters on your videos to improve viewer navigation. Add CTAs and redirection links to drive interaction and engagement.

add custom thumbnails to your videos

Free unlimited subtitles & multi-audio

Our AI-powered subtitle generator lets you create unlimited subtitles in 125+ languages right from the dashboard at no additional charge. Upload multiple audio files for each video, and let your viewers pick the track they prefer.

Customizable video player

Our light, versatile, ad-free video player makes your videos look great on any device. Personalize the player by adding your logo and brand colors. Customize the player to adjust the seek bar, buttons, preload, autoplay, loop and more.

Everything about your video in one place

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Video Settings

Each video has its own video settings page, detailing all the necessary information and customization options for your video. Here, you can preview your video with the player to see how it will look when published. Add ‌title, description, tags, and SEO metadata to your video. This page lets you ‌download, delete, or replace the video file. Moreover, it offers extensive customization options for your videos to:

  • Manage thumbnails, subtitles, chapters, and CTAs

  • Copy video embed codes, streaming, and playback URLs

  • Track your video’s performance with total views and watch times

  • Set your video visibility to public or private and set password protection

Easiest way to publish your videos

Copy embed codes or streaming URLs and instantly publish your videos across websites and apps.

Image Description
Image Description

Video channels

Publish your own landing page to showcase your videos in minutes. Add multiple videos or playlists to your video channel and organize them in the right sequence. Customize the video channel’s title and description, and add your brand logo from the dashboard. Create custom CNAMEs for a personalized domain address.

    Much more than just video management, a complete video solution.

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