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What is transcoding?

Transcoding is a digital-to-digital conversion of one type of encoded data (video and audio) to a better compressed encoded format. In this process, an encoded video or audio file decompresses first, is then modified, and then recompressed into multiple format streams, allowing it to deliver videos to a much wider audience. Transcoding ensures that every video, regardless of the format it is captured in, is encoded correctly to allow playback across different devices and platforms. Gumlet’s automatic transcoding optimizes videos with the latest codecs to deliver video playbacks with exceptional quality and maximum compression.


Per-title what?

PTE is an encoding optimization process that enhances the bitrate ladder for every video based on the complexity of the video data. It ensures the highest quality for every video at the lowest bit rate, delivering a remarkable video experience while reducing bandwidth consumption.


Per-title encoding significantly reduces video start-up time, seek time, and buffering for seamless playback across devices and platforms, even with inconsistent network connectivity. PTE dramatically reduces CDN costs and, in turn, lowers the TCO.

PTE at scale.

At Gumlet, we spent over a year building and perfecting the tech behind PTE to make it available at scale for everyone to improve their end-user video experience. PTE is available for every video you process through Gumlet.
Per title encoding
Latest codecs

Cloud transcoding

Gumlet’s cloud transcoding can take almost any commonly used file format and automatically transcode it as H.264 and H.265 with AAC audio codecs (and offline MP4 download as an option), allowing seamless video delivery to any device.

No prior transcoding knowledge is required.

Reduce deployment time with parallel transcoding.

Don’t set up hundreds of parameters on FFmpeg; Gumlet Video does it for you.

Choose appropriate formats from user-friendly UI or let our intelligent AI do the work.

Every video is transcoded to multiple resolutions in one go and takes 1/5th of the time compared to traditional video transcoding infrastructure.
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Adaptive bitrate streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming is the algorithm designed to deliver every video to the user as efficiently as possible with the highest usable quality based on their device capability and network connection.

With ABR, the source data of the video is encoded at multiple bitrates and resolutions, and each stream is then typically segmented into multi-second packets. Based on the video consumers’ processing power, device size, and internet bandwidth, the video stream is optimized in real-time to deliver the highest possible stream quality.

Reduces buffering and rebuffering even over poor network connections

Bitrate stream switches mid-video for uninterrupted streaming

HLS and Dash streams are created by default, supporting every device and platform globally.
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Set transcoding profiles

Transcoding profiles are a collection of different transcoding parameters. Each profile can have different resolutions, codecs, DRM systems, overlays, and other parameters pre-set.

Transcoding profiles help you save time by eliminating the need to apply parameters during every new video upload. You can choose the suitable transcoding parameters, create transcoding profiles and use them with your video collections from our CRM.

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APIs and webhooks

Automate your video delivery infrastructure with transcoding APIs and webhooks. Gumlet provides REST APIs and pre-built SDKs to simplify integration with your existing systems.

Our webhook integration automatically notifies you of video processing events. You can find extensive API and webhook documentation and resources to get started in minutes.

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Multiple audio & subtitles

Streaming across the globe is easy with Gumlet. Effortlessly integrate multiple audio and subtitle tracks with every video. Let your users be in control and pick the right audio and subtitle options for the videos natively from the player and improve their video viewing experience.

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Optimize and automate your video delivery with Gumlet video in minutes

Benefits of video transcoding

Seamlessly manage user-generated content

Gumlet’s video transcoding manages UGC with ease and reliability by eliminating edge cases like non-standard aspect ratios, different formats, and varying color profiles.

Fast transcoding

Gumlet's cloud-based parallel transcoding takes 1/5th of the time compared to traditional transcoding pipelines to process videos and reduces your deployment time.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Dramatically reduce CDN costs with highly optimized videos and simple per-minute pricing, regardless of streaming resolution. Reduce TCO by up to 53%.

Remarkable end-user experience

Best in class transcoding, Adaptive bitrate streaming, and per-title encoding delivers unmatched video experience across devices and platforms globally.

Gumlet transcoder specifications

Decoding (Inputs)


MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), VP8, VP9, WMV3 (codec for windows),


MP3, AAC, AC-3, AAC-LC, WMA, Opus, Vorbis


SRT, WebVtt

Encoding (Outputs)


H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC)


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We reduced our video data consumption and improved video start time with Gumlet. Their automatic video optimization, transcoding, and delivery make it super simple to handle our user-uploaded videos."

Puneet Kala
Puneet Kala
Head of Engineering, Apna

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