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Advanced video analytics to make data-driven decisions

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Analytics for every use case

Drive growth and integrate essential functions of your business with accurate video data. Create custom workflows, build dashboards, and trigger events with Gumlet’s video analytics.

Artists and creators

Build pay-per-view, create monetization models, and manage subscriptions based on how your viewers consume your content.

OTTs and social media

Segment your viewers based on what kind of content they watch, and also create personalized recommendations with video data.


Track conversion rates for your product and shoppable videos. Build live-commerce plug-ins and analytics to track success rates.

E-learning and course creators

Enhance learner engagement, optimize content, personalize learning experiences, assess performance, and improve your courses.

Know your audience, grow your business

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Engagement metrics

Track and improve the reach and impact of your videos. Understand how your audience engages with your videos and how your viewership grows over time.

Total and unique views

See how viewers engage with your content with total views and determine the true performance of your videos with unique views.

Playing time

The total number of hours viewers spend watching your video. This excludes seek time, rebuffering, or the time spent when the video is paused.

Playback completion rates

Get the distribution of users and video views based on the rate of video playback completion before viewers leave or close the video.

Maximum concurrent viewers

The maximum number of viewers simultaneously streaming a video during a specified timeframe. Understand when you get the most views.

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Viewer metrics

Understand what, where, when, and how your viewers are streaming your videos. Track your viewers’ demographic and device data. Easily add and track custom data that isn’t available by default.
  • Devices and browsers: Gather viewer data based on the specific device and browser viewers use to access your videos.

  • Geographical filters: Breakdown viewership of your videos based on country and city geographical data.

  • Players and viewports: Collect information on the different video players and viewports your viewers use to watch your videos.

Analytics built-in

Stream your videos with Gumlet’s default video player to collect all available video analytics automatically. This significantly simplifies tracking and data collection across all your videos. Create custom dashboards for different analytics instantly from the platform and never worry about missing out on collecting critical data again.

Usage analytics

Get account-wide or collection-wide usage statistics for streaming, transcoding, and storage. See how many GBs and minutes of transcoding and streaming you've used. Track total bandwidth consumption and identify top streaming assets. Keep track of the total minutes of videos in your storage. Stay on top of your video usage and billing.

Add custom data

Pass your custom data to Gumlet to build personalized dashboards, create unique workflows, and track business functions. Easily add user IDs, user emails, payment plans, segments, or any other relevant data points that your business collects about your customers.

Create custom dashboards

Transform data into actionable insights with customizable dashboards. Create dashboards with a few clicks - select data points, add filters, breakdowns, and set timelines to start monitoring data. Ingest custom data points and create custom dashboards. Build multiple dashboards for every use case.

Dev-friendly API’s for tracking and monitoring

Video experience metrics

Minimize bandwidth wastage and buffering to ensure a seamless viewer experience. Quickly identify and troubleshoot playback failures to maintain high video quality.

Latency Metrics

Track everything from player start-up times to playback errors to optimize for speed and reliability. Make sure your video starts and plays without delay, keeping viewers engaged.

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Developer essentials

Manually integrate and collect video analytics across players, platforms, websites, and apps with extensive APIs, SDKs, and webhooks. From JavaScript plugins for web-based players to SDKs for iOS's AVPlayer and Android's ExoPlayer, our documentation has you covered. Take it a step forward with APIs:
  • Chart APIs: Display data our analytics collects on your customer and viewer-facing dashboards, websites, and apps.

  • Breakdown Data: Easily generate lists based on metrics, like top-performing assets, most watched videos, etc.

  • Aggregated data APIs: Query video data to create logic and actions based on your business needs, like billing, subscription management, etc.

Much more than video analytics, a complete video solution

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