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Advanced optimization features

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Gumlet’s WordPress plugin

Gumlet's WordPress plugin offers unparalleled optimization features, including responsive resizing for consistent display on any device, lossless compression, automatic conversion to WebP, AVIF, and retina-ready images, as well as built-in lazy loading and seamless integration with Fastly CDN for lightning-fast content delivery.

    Advantages of integrating Gumlet with WordPress

    Faster page load speed

    Gumlet allows you to improve and speed up the loading of your pages by optimizing 80% of its overall weight, including images, JavaScript, and CSS files.

    Accelerate user engagement

    A significant part of website visitors expect a loading time of 2 seconds or less. The Gumlet plugin helps keep users on your page by meeting these speed expectations.

    Shoot up ‌organic traffic

    Improve your Google rankings with Gumlet by reducing mobile page sizes and using high-quality compression for up to 95% faster website performance.

    Revenue inflation

    Speed up your mobile site with Gumlet to reduce bounce rates and increase ad revenue. A mere 1-second improvement in speed can result in a 10% increase in conversions.

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    Transform video experiences on WordPress

    Gumlet provides an all-in-one platform for hosting, securing, embedding, and streaming videos seamlessly. It is an video hosting solution perfect for e-commerce sites, content creators, e-learning providers, and SMBs. Key features include

    • Intuitive video CMS

    • Customizable video player

    • Multi-level video protection

    • Automated video analytics

    "What I really love about Gumlet is that their infrastructure is by far the best and fastest I have tested for media optimization in terms of how it is delivered to my websites. The centralized dashboard for managing every website I have is very easy to use. There are a ton of use cases for this kind of service, and truly, Gumlet stands out from its competition! "
    Mike Lester R
    Mike Lester R
    Systems & Methods Head
    "Sped up my WordPress site. I had optimized my WordPress site with caching plugins and server settings but hit a ceiling on speed, then I installed Gumlet and page load dropped from 5 seconds to 2. Very happy! "
    Carin H
    Carin H
    Business Owner

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