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  • Get responsive resize consistent with device
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  • Automatic WebP, AVIF and retina images
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wordpress pagespeed

Ace the Page Load Speed

Images, JS and CSS files make up 80% of your page weight. Optimize and accelerate all of them in one go!

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Accelerate User Engagement

About 47% of people expect the sites to load in 2 seconds or less. Use Gumlet plugin to make users not leave your page.

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Shoot Up the Organic Traffic

Google ranks website as per their mobile page size. Gumlet helps you attract more visitors with high­quality compression and 95% faster website efficiency.

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Revenue Inflation

Faster mobile sites get more ad revenue with decreased bounce rates. Every 1-second increase in speed can lead to 10% more conversions. Gumlet lets you plugin in and play with a single click.

Customers  Gumlet

Simple Scalable Sensible Pricing

No hidden or one time costs
Agency specific features
Free integration support
Manage multiple sites
from around the world
Gumlet is a leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) on G2
Gumlet is a leader in Europe Content Delivery Network (CDN) on G2
Gumlet Reviews
Gumlet Reviews