Image Optimization Report

Are slow-loading images driving your valuable visitors away from your website? Find out how to fix them for free!

How is this report generated?

We will analyze the web page using Google's LightHouse engine (Used for PageSpeed Insight reports). To check if the images are of the right size & format, for both mobile and desktop devices. The final report will include everything to help you optimize your images.

Image Optimization Audit

We calculate the ideal values for the following parameters for your page design

  • Image size to fit perfectly in the viewport
  • Image format
  • Image compression level
  • Lazy loading
  • Image Alt tag and subdomain

Actual images on your page are compared against the best practices as analyzed above and the final report is created.

This report is platform or service independent and calculates the best possible image optimization in a neutral way.

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Gumlet Reviews
Gumlet Reviews

Customers Quotes

"Fantastic tool!"
Performance & Effectiveness: Really Great. Compression of images in auto-mode.

Yannick J

Writer & Author - Spiritual Novels

"Best value CDN with Image Compression"
Best value for the amazing speed. Using Gumlet CDN is great in terms of cost and also speed.

Vigneswaran R