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total views

Total views

Get a complete breakdown of total views for your videos. Filter across geographies, demographics, users, devices, etc, to better understand engagement across various parameter

  • Understand the reach and performance of your videos
  • Know how engaged your audience is with your content
Unique views

Unique views

Unique views ensure data sanity by separating the total views from the actual impact of your videos on your audience.

Specifically, the audience might revisit the same video for long-form content and lectures more than once. Here, unique views help you identify your high-performing videos across a more extensive audience base vs. the videos viewed multiple times by your viewers.

  • Determine the actual performance of your videos.
  • Keep track of how your audience grows over time.
Completion rates

Completion rates

Accurately measure playback completion rates on your videos across users and views. Get a distribution of what percentage of viewers and users dropped off at different times throughout the video playback.

  • Analyze the stickiness of your videos.
  • Understand which videos are most relevant to which demographic with filters.
  • Note sudden drop-off points in your videos for content insights.
  • Optimize video production and content strategy.
Playing time

Playing time

The total time in hours where viewers watched your videos. This time excludes seek time, rebuffering, and users' time with the video paused.

  • Examine how your video is consumed using various filters like devices, platforms, demographies, etc.
  • Compare playing time across video filters to compare different content pieces.
  • Use the custom data filters to compile the playing time metrics as needed.
Maximum concurrent viewers

Maximum concurrent viewers

The maximum concurrent viewers metric tells you exactly how many viewers are interacting with your videos at any given time. Keep track of when your audience interacts with your videos.

  • Plan your infrastructure for peak demands.
  • Understand and measure the success of your video campaigns.
  • Get insight into what hour of day brings maximum viewers.

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