Customizable video player

Custom video player for every use case. Add your branding, embed and play anywhere.

Customizable video player with Gumlet lets you customize, add subtitles and custom thumbnails.

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Light, fast and versatile video player

Ad free video player that supports integrations and built in analytics

An ad-free video player that works

The only video player you will need to stream your videos securely across devices and platforms for every use case.

Snappy video playback

Stream crisp videos in multiple resolutions and codecs. Deliver instant video start times and buffer-free playback even on choppy networks.

One player for every device

Stream high-quality videos across devices and platforms with one video player. Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browsers and Smart TVs

User-friendly controls

Improve viewer engagement with adaptive streaming, multi-subtitle, multi-audio, and resolution options. Add chapters, thumbnails and CTAs.

Analytics inbuilt

Gumlet’s player automatically provides you with data that you need to make better decisions for your video strategy

Versatile video player

With Gumlet's player, you can easily adjust settings to fit various needs, whether it's for webpages, e-commerce sites, showcases, courses, and more. Preload, autoplay, or loop with just a click and make videos unskippable by disabling the seek bar when needed. Tweak the player controls or even disable them for certain videos. It's all about making the player work for you, in the simplest way possible.

The only video player you will ever need

Your branding on your videos

Elevate your brand's visibility in every video with customizable logos and player colors tailored to your brand. Secure your content with personalized watermarks.

change color and add logo to brand your video player

Custom thumbnails

Select any frame from the video or upload a custom thumbnail. You can also add GIF thumbnails and enable floating thumbnails on the seek bar.

upload custom or select a thumbnail from video

Video Chapters

Simplify navigation with neatly organized chapters, making content more accessible and viewer-friendly.

add video chapters to your video for better accessibility

Seekbar preview

Glide over the seek bar to preview frames instantly, enhancing searchability and engagement within your videos.

hover over seek bar to view video storyboards

Bookmarks & CTAs

Engage viewers further by inserting strategic bookmarks and compelling calls-to-action in your videos, driving interaction and desired outcomes.

Add bookmarks and CTAs to your video
subtitle added to video about cruise ship

Free unlimited subtitles

Enhance your viewer’s experience by generating unlimited subtitles in 125+ languages powered by our in-house AI technology at no extra cost. With built-in support for multiple audio tracks, video transcoding is simplified, letting you easily meet viewer needs and boost engagement and accessibility instantly.

    Effortless video publishing and developer tools

    Embed code and streaming URLs

    Experience effortless video embedding across websites and apps with Gumlet's comprehensive support for iFramely, oEmbed, & Embedly, making it easy to share your content anywhere. Utilize the playback URL or Gumlet's embed code for tailored branding and insightful analytics.

    get share URLs and embedd codes instantly

    Gumlet / Player.js library

    With our open-source Player.js library, you now have the flexibility to tweak the Gumlet video player to your heart's content. From adjusting playback settings to customizing the user interface, control how your content is presented and consumed.

    open source Gumlet video js library

    Much more than just video player, a complete video solution.

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