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Custom Thumbnail

With Gumlet, adding a custom thumbnail is easier than ever. Grab your viewers’ attention and give them a sneak peek of what to expect.

Video Chapters

Simplify navigation through your videos with neatly organized chapters, making content more accessible and viewer-friendly.

Seekbar previews

Enhance your user engagement by displaying a preview tile when hovering over the seek bar, offering a quick glimpse of the content.

Attract, organize & navigate

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Custom video thumbnails

Gumlet offers ‌flexible and intuitive ways to create engaging thumbnails for your videos.

  • Upload custom thumbnail: Easily choose an image of your choice or drag and drop it from your device.

  • Pick a frame: Select a frame from your video to use as a thumbnail directly from the dashboard.

  • GIF: Upload a GIF thumbnail and make your videos more appealing and likely to be clicked.

Video chapters

Enhance your videos by adding bookmarks at specific timestamps with descriptive headings, enabling viewers to easily navigate through the video. This feature not only makes your content more engaging and accessible but also boosts SEO,‌ increasing your video's reach and ranking. Add as many chapters as necessary to improve accessibility within your videos.

Seekbar previews

Improve your video navigation with our floating seekbar preview feature. By enabling the preview along the video seek bar, viewers gain a visual glimpse into the content that lies ahead in the video. As they hover over the seek bar, they can instantly see previews of upcoming frames, enhancing both the searchability and viewer engagement of your videos.

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Compelling CTA's that convert

Boost your brand's visibility and sales by personalizing your call-to-action buttons. Adjust their position, choose appealing colors, set specific destination URLs, and schedule when they appear. Make your brand pop and your sales soar with smart, stylish CTAs.

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