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Publishing videos has never been easier

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Video embeds and streaming URLs

Starting your streaming journey with Gumlet is incredibly easy. Just copy and paste our ready-to-use embed code into your website, and you can begin streaming immediately with our custom player. If you prefer using your own player, simply grab the streaming URL and thumbnail URL from Gumlet, integrate them with your player, and you're all set to stream.

    Streaming videos is as easy as 1,2,3

    Upload video

    Upload videos from your device or any cloud storage quickly without getting stuck in upload queues.

    Copy embed code

    Generate and copy the embed codes and streaming URLs within seconds of uploading your videos.

    Paste and Play

    Paste the embed code you copied onto websites or apps and play to preview the videos. Voila!

    Customize every aspect of your embedded video

    Personalize your video player

    Elevate your brand's visibility in every video with customizable logos and player colors tailored to your brand. Secure your content with personalized watermarks.

    Customize embeded videos

    Enable Autoplay and Loop options to customize playback. Choose between responsive or fixed display modes to ensure your videos look great on any device.

    Tools and integrations

    Gumlet offers out-of-the-box support for iFramely, oEmbed, and Embedly, allowing you to embed your videos with ease. Simply copy the playback URL and paste it into your platform using any of the above integration tools. Additionally, enhance engagement and expand your reach through VAST, Facebook, and Gtag integrations.

    Embed in Emails

    Boost your email engagement by seamlessly integrating videos into your campaigns. Compatible with major platforms like Gmail, Active Campaign, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo, our tool allows for the customization of pixel sizes and eye-catching thumbnails. Enhance the visual impact of your emails and drive higher engagement effortlessly.

    Share your videos to a global audience

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    Tailored URLs for every need

    Gumlet provides a variety of streaming URLs tailored to meet specific requirements.

    • Share URL simplifies the process of sharing content with others.

    • Thumbnail URL allows you to easily access and display the corresponding thumbnail image.

    • Playback URL allows you to deliver content in the HLS format (.m3u8) and universal compatibility.

    • MP4 URL (.mp4) ensures smooth streaming across different platforms and devices for seamless video playback.

    Developer tools and integrations

    APIs and Webhooks

    Easily build custom, on-demand, and user-generated video workflows with APIs, SDKs, and Webhooks. Automate video upload, transcoding, and streaming pipelines quickly and develop unique video workflows.

    Integrate with your tools

    Seamlessly integrate with tools like Zapier and Pabbly. Easily migrate your videos by integrating with Zoom, S3, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Quickly embed your videos with iFramely, oEmbed, and Embedly support.

    A complete video solution.

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