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Six Gumleteers and 111 Epic Videos

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Gumlet built a video guestbook app for the attendees at React India Conference. A small idea turned out to be a big attraction at the event.


7 November 2022

Six Gumleteers and 111 Epic Videos

On September 23rd, six Gumleteers landed in Goa from different parts of India. Laden with goodies for the developers; the team was all set to win the hearts of the tech camaraderie at React India - the largest conference for React developers.

React India invites top speakers from all over the world and is attended by enthusiastic React developers worldwide. This year's event had 600+ in-person and 3000+ online attendees.

Divyesh, Aditya, Vaibhav, Pratik, Ashik and Kaustubh - The Six Gumleteers

Gumlet associated with React India as a Silver-level sponsor. Our booth was set up among the other sponsors. We knew that developers would flood the sponsors’ area during coffee breaks, and we would have limited time to engage with them.

We wanted to create an experience that was attention-grabbing, fun, and highly personalized.

After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to build a video guestbook.

The concept was simple - Record a 5-second video with our guestbook, scan the QR for your video and share it on social media. Anyone who did this got goodies from Gumlet.

Smiling faces @ Gumlet Booth

The video guestbook turned out to be a brilliant idea!

First - our visitors enjoyed recording short videos.

Second - it allowed us to demonstrate and talk about our technology while our visitors were engaged with our guestbook app.

“Absolutely loved it!” - says Saket from Proximity Works.

“I enjoyed it a lot” - says Ali from Postman

“It was fun” - says Sheetal from AutoWiz.

Gumlet has custom-built GPU-powered transcoders to process and optimize each video quickly. Each 5-second video was instantly ready for streaming back. Our stats show that it took us an average of only 1.67 seconds to process each video.

Did we mention that we sent each recorded video to our server to process and stream it back? Each recorded video was ready to stream even before our visitor took out their phone to scan the QR code.

Each video was optimized by about 40% with our proprietary technology, with no compromise on the quality of the videos.

But that's not all. Our video guestbook averaged a video-loading time of about ~350ms.

At Gumlet, we strive to help developers deliver a delightful video experience without spending thousands of hours building video pipelines for their apps. Just for the record, it took our developers about 6 hours to put the entire video guestbook app together.

Ain't that incredible?

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