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Published Date: 17 April 2023

What is Transmuxing?

Transmuxing is a technological method through which different audio and video files are reformatted or repackaged into different formats without hampering or altering the content of the files.

The process is also known as repackaging or packetizing and is used for delivering content to users in an efficient manner.

How does Transmuxing work?

The primary role of transmuxing is to ensure that live-streaming becomes a better experience for viewers.

Most transmuxing applications use demuxers multimedia streams and muxers in an attempt to write multimedia streams.

One primary application that can be used for transmuxing is FFmpeg. Many major organizations use this open-source platform. FFmpeg can receive Real-Time Messaging Protocol streams and convert them into HTT-based media streaming protocols.

In this way, transmuxing is also an efficient process for promoting Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

Examples of Transfuxing

Microsoft Smooth Streaming

MS Smooth Streaming is an IIS extension that facilitates the use of adaptive streaming over HTTP. It uses FFmpeg to convert video streams to various formats like MOV, MP4, and ISMV.

MS Smooth Streaming has facilitated the live streams of various major events like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Apple HTTP Live Streaming

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), developed by Apple, is compatible with both live and video-on-demand content. It breaks the digital files into small packets of MPEG2-TS files called video chunks.

Some major video and audio broadcasters, like Music Choice and the Fox Network, use Apple HLS.

Related Terms


TVOD—or Transactional Video on Demand—is a VOD monetization model wherein consumers access content on a pay-per-view basis.


Transcoding is a method of decoding (or decompressing), reformatting, and re-compressing an encoded (or compressed) digital video file.

Two-Pass Encoding

Two-Pass Encoding is an advanced video encoding strategy that is carried out to ensure that video quality remains optimum at the time of conversion.

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