Webcasting refers to broadcasting live audio or video feed over the web.

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting refers to broadcasting live audio or video feed over the web. Also referred to as an online web/virtual event, webinar, etc., it is a cost-efficient communication tool to actively engage and interact with your audience as they follow your event live from their PC, laptop, or smartphone.

It should be noted that a webinar is different from a webcast or a virtual event in that the former is hosted online. On the other hand, a webcast is simply broadcasting a live or pre-recorded physical event. Another key difference between a webcast and a webinar is that a webcast is typically a one-way communication medium, whereas webinars involve active participation from the audience.

Benefits of Webcasting

  1. Webcasting is a tried-and-true technology to boost your overall marketing strategy. You can use it to broadcast visually appealing, interactive content to attract a large audience.
  2. It lets you talk directly to your audience and solve queries in real-time.
  3. Webcasts help brands save on travel and lodging expenses and connect with thousands of their target audience worldwide.
  4. Content broadcasters can maximize brand reach, unlock new opportunities and demographics, and scale their business to new heights using webcasting.

Webcasting Use-cases

  • In corporate arenas, webcasting is a popular practice to train employees or host meetings/events.
  • You can hold live Q&A sessions with your audience to engage with your audience on a deeper level.
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