Video CMS

A video CMS is a powerful digital platform that allows you to efficiently organize and manage all your media assets—including imagery, text, and graphics.

What is a Video CMS?

A video CMS—or video content management system- is a powerful digital platform that allows you to organize and manage all your media assets efficiently—including imagery, text, and graphics. It provides quick and easy access to content, simplifies storage, and improves searchability.

With the help of a user-friendly video CMS, you can automatically extract your media’s metadata or manually enter it to promote ease of discoverability with the help of attributes like keywords, titles, and so on.

A good video CMS also provides deep analytics pertaining to video performance—which can help content creators and broadcasters make informed decisions in the future.

Benefits of a Video CMS

  • Central location: The key benefit of a video CMS is its ability to organize media files and streamline workflow. With content stored in a central system, it becomes simpler to track, search, and access your video archive.
  • Content discoverability: It improves searchability. Content broadcasters can easily find the files they are looking for by manually entering keywords and content categories.
  • Advanced indexing and analytics: New-age aI-driven video CMS can also automatically analyze and index content as needed. They also provide actionable insights to help you future-proof your decisions.
  • Content reusability: It promotes reusing content that would otherwise have been lost in storage clutter.
  • Transcoding: Video CMS has the capability to transcode your videos into desired formats to enhance their reach and improve compatibility across different devices and platforms.

Top Video CMS

Among the top video CMS available in the market today are Wowza, Brightcove, JWPlayer, Vimeo, IBM Cloud Video, and so on.

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