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Video Analytics

Published Date: 24 November 2022

What is Video Analytics?

Video analytics refers to any and all KPIs and metrics about the video streams you're distributing. This includes video performance, user experience, viewer behavior, video engagement, and a broad category of other viewer data—all of which provide real-time insight into the success and health of your streaming content. For instance, how well your content performs in various locations or at what point in your video viewers tend to drop off.

Benefits of Video Analytics

Video analytics benefit content distributors in numerous ways:

  • Improve video performance: Video analytics allow you to detect any flaws in your video campaign and make immediate modifications as needed.
  • Boost engagement: Video analytics give broadcasters real-time insight into viewer behavior. With a streamlined, data-driven approach toward video delivery, broadcasters can optimize and personalize their content for maximum engagement.
  • Reduce latency: With video analytics, you inspect your delivery workflow, pinpoint existing issues with your encoding process or buffering algorithm, and adjust accordingly.

Top Video Streaming Analytics to Track

There are three primary areas that video analytics should cover:

  • Quality of service (QoS): This includes information regarding bitrate, throughput, packet loss, and latency—which help you track the health of your delivery infrastructure.
  • Quality of experience (QoE): This includes data on buffering events, playback failures, connection losses, stalled playbacks, etc. — which gives insight into the end user's viewing experience.
  • Video engagement: Video engagement gives insight into how viewers interact with your content. This includes the viewer count, how many unique users are watching your video, peak traffic hours, the average watch time, video completion rate, geographic breakdown of viewers, and so on.

Related Terms

Video Quality

In simple terms, video quality is the characteristic of a video that determines how clear, crisp, and detailed the video transmitted to the viewer is.

Video Watermark

A video watermark is a digital copyright tool used to identify the video's copyright owner or prevent illegal distribution.


1:1 is a commonly used aspect ratio in videography. It produces videos that are a perfect square; the width and height of the video image are the same.

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