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Cloud transcoding

Published Date: 20 February 2023

What is Cloud transcoding?

Cloud transcoding is the powerful mechanism of converting a video file into desired formats while working on the cloud. Transcoding involves breaking down new files into smaller sizes, resolutions, and bitrates to ensure compatibility with many users, devices, and fluctuating network conditions.

While broadcasters leverage codecs like AV1 and VP9 to maximize compatibility, the most commonly used codecs are H.264 or MPEG-2.

Benefits of Cloud Transcoding

  • Cloud-based transcoding takes less than 1/4th of the time to upload a master file as compared to an on-premise transcoding computer.
  • When leveraging cloud-based transcoding systems, you don't need to purchase additional on-premises transcoding solutions. This decreases capital expenditure (CapEx) and cuts operational expenses (OpEx).
  • Cloud transcoding supports ABR streaming which helps provide a smooth, high-quality viewing experience to your audience.
  • You can unload your transcoding requirements to the cloud without buying dedicated hardware to increase the performance and capacity of your systems. A scalable cloud transcoding infrastructure also keeps your distribution costs low.

Who should use Cloud Transcoding?

Cloud transcoding is an ideal choice for premium content creators, VOD platforms, and broadcasters looking for a highly efficient, scalable, and low-on-cost transcoding method to deliver high-quality live and VOD streams.

Related Terms


Codecs help rapidly compress and decompress media files while maintaining the original video's quality—reducing the required bandwidth and allowing multimedia files to be transmitted and accessed easily over networks.

CDN - Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a geographically dispersed network of servers and data centers used to quickly and efficiently deliver content.

CBR - Constant Bitrate

CBR or Constant Bitrate is a method used in encoding wherein the video encoder maintains a constant bit rate regardless of the size and complexity of the files being processed.

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