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Gumlet Facelift Update

We have launched a new dashboard, unlimited websites on the Pro plan, migrations from Cloudinary and Imgix, contextual help links, multiple API keys, and 2FA.

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Gumlet Facelift Update

It's been quite a while since we released our last major update with AVIF launch. We are proud to say that we are now delivering close to 2 Billion AVIF images every month. AVIF images being at least 15% smaller than WebP image, we are already saving hundreds of terabytes of data for our customers.

A few months ago we decided to take a big project which would help us improve customer experience for a foreseeable future. There were a ton of small tweaks and upgrades that were done since our last update. Here is the fill list!

🚀 New Dashboard 🚀

Our previous panel was not a real dashboard in a sense that it was more like a very functional panel which directly led users to image sources. We have now created a dedicated Dashboard page where users can see all the information at a glance.

New Dashboard Page

This is space where all important information like usage, response times, quick access to image sources and billing plan can be seen at a glance. This panel will also serve as central place for all notifications and alerts.

Image source creation is also improved with very guided source creation process.

Gumlet Create Source Panel

💥 Pro Plan Improvements 💥

Lot of our customers are small site owners and they want their site to be fast. Gumlet has perfect plan at $5 per month for those users. Till today, there were limits on number of image source creation for Pro plan users and there was extra charge for custom domains. The restriction on source creation meant that you could only add 1 website Gumlet with Pro plan before.

However, we are happy to announce that starting today, there is no limit on number of source (websites) and every Pro plan subscriber will get 3 FREE custom domains.

Gumlet Pro plan at $5 / month now gives Unlimited websites & optimizations, 25 GB of CDN bandwidth (enough for 400k+ monthly pageviews), and 3 custom domains (CNAME+SSL)

Migrate from Imgix and Cloudinary

We have made it super simple for our users to migrate away from Imgix and Cloudinary. How exactly you may ask. We are proud to announce that we are fully API compatible with Imgix and Cloudinary so all you need to do is change hostname and your migration is done in less than a few hours. You can check more information at Cloudinary migration and Imgix migration docs.

⚡️️Affiliate Program Push ⚡️

We launched our affiliate program 6 months ago. Today we are sending out the invite to all of our 3500+ subscribers. We will be doing various activities and promotions to help and make sure our affiliates find great success. Sign up now!

Affiliate Program Features
Affiliate Program requires you to sign up separately. Gumlet account won't automatically work.

Intelligent Sidebar

The sidebar which you can see in above screenshot is re-designed to be very functional. Image and Video products have their own tabs. We have also shifted all organisation wide settings under Organisation tab. Finally your own user-related details are under user tab.

We have often seen long list of document links on dashboards. We never wanted that clutter so we made those help links very contextual.

We will always show most helpful doc links as per the page you are currently on.

2-Factor Authentication

We support Github and Google login for simple and secure login flows. If you happen to be using username-password combination, you can now enable 2FA for your account to make it even more secure.

And a lot more

We have also made lot of minor improvements which should make your experience better while using Gumlet.

  • API powered dashboard - entire dashboard is powered by our new REST APIs which will help us make launch new developer facing goodies faster.
  • New revamped support policy - Now you will get correct and fast resolution to your queries. There are more agents available to support and we will constantly monitor and reduce response timings. Also there is a dedicated support person for WordPress queries. 
Now everyone in Gumlet's entire team will attend to chat support queries!
  • Multiple API keys - There are times when single API keys are not enough. Now you can create multiple API keys as and when you want according to usage and also tag them for better future auditing.

What is next?

We always thrive to make media delivery a smoother experience for our end-users. We are working hard to deliver following to you by next month end.

  • Video transcoding and delivery - public release 🚀
  • Deeper analytics for image delivery
  • New super-fast website!
  • Some super-secret features which will make image-delivery even more optimised
  • A mega announcement about future plans and roadmap for Gumlet

Until then, keep your super valuable feedback coming. As always our customers are our biggest assets and we are super thankful to you!