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Summer'24 Updates to Gumlet

Our latest update includes advanced video analytics, replacing video, password-protected embedding, playlists, and more.

Summer'24 Updates to Gumlet
Summer'24 Updates to Gumlet

This Summer, we at Gumlet have been busy brewing exciting new features that you added to our roadmap. From effortless video replacement and password-protected embeds to advanced analytics and a mobile-friendly interface, we've got everything you need to elevate your video strategy and keep your audience engaged. So, let's dive in and discover how Gumlet's summer sizzlers can transform how you create, manage, and share your videos!

Advanced Video Analytics

Ever wished you could peek behind the curtain and see exactly how your viewers are engaging with your videos? With our enhanced Advanced Video Analytics, that wish is now your command!

Track metrics like view rate (views compared to impressions), traffic sources by city and country, device breakdowns (desktop, mobile, etc.), referral traffic analysis, and much more. This allows you to understand where your viewers are coming from and how they're consuming your content.

Advanced video analytics

Replace Video

We've all been there. You update a video with fresh content, but updating the URL on every platform where it's embedded feels like a chore. We hear you loud and clear! That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our most popular requested feature: Replace Video.

With Replace Video, updating your video content is now a breeze. Simply upload your new video and replace the existing one. Gumlet automatically updates all your existing embeds with the latest content, ensuring a seamless experience for your audience. No more broken links or wasted time – just fresh content delivered flawlessly.

Password-protected Embed

Sharing confidential or sensitive video content online requires an extra layer of security. Our new Password-protected Embed feature empowers you to restrict access to your embedded videos on websites or private channels.  Change privacy settings to add a password, and only the viewers with the right password can view your content. This ensures your valuable content remains protected and accessible only to those you choose.

Protected Embed


Imagine being able to create collections of your videos within your Gumlet Video dashboard. With our new Playlists feature, that's exactly what you can do. Simply drag and drop videos to create themed playlists, update the order on the fly, and even add descriptive titles and metadata for better searchability. Sharing these playlists is a breeze, allowing you to present your content in a cohesive and engaging way.

A Video Player

Improved Channels

Take your video organization a step further with our Improved Channels. Think of them as landing pages designed to showcase your video content in a structured and ordered layout. Perfect for presenting courses, web series, or any collection that follows a sequence. You can create multiple playlists, each focused on a specific theme or topic, and then add them to a channel for a user-friendly browsing experience.


Enhanced Dashboard Experience

Apart from all the workflow-heavy refinements, we enhanced your experience in daily operations and the usability of our dashboard.

  • Import video improvement: You don't need to remember tokens anymore if you want to do multiple imports; we do it for you. Plus, we've revamped the UI for faster video selection and import, and you'll receive handy notifications to keep you updated on the progress.
  • Mobile-friendly interface: The world doesn't stop when you're on the move, and neither should your video management. With our mobile-friendly interface, you can now upload videos directly from your tablet or smartphone, edit embed codes for easy sharing, and even subscribe to plans – all from the palm of your hand!
  • Upgraded billing system: Keeping track of your video usage and billing shouldn't be a guessing game. Our upgraded billing system brings all the necessary information to your dashboard. View your usage statistics in real-time, gain better visibility into your current plan, and stay ahead of upcoming invoices.

And that's a wrap on our summer updates! We're always listening to your feedback and working to make Gumlet the best video platform for managing and delivering your online videos. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact our support. And keep adding exciting new feature requests to our roadmap.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your Gumlet Video dashboard and start exploring these exciting new features. We can't wait to see the amazing video experiences you create!

Happy Summer, and Happy streaming 😀

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