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Content Management Update

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Content Management Update

Videos are hard to process, stream and manage. The last part is actually harder than it seems. You start with few videos and then end up with few hundreds and sometimes even thousands. How do you manage them effectively?

We asked this question and designed something that is going to be massively helpful to our users. Let's jump into details.

Video CMS

Our new CMS gives everyone many ways to organise videos and while making it super easy to work with large content library.

New video CMS

New Home 🏠

First things first. Did you notice any URL change? Our new dashboard is now on domain.

Folders πŸ“‚

We all are used to using files on computers and sometimes want to put everything exactly the same way. Well, we have added support to put videos in different folders. Not only that, now you can easily move multiple videos between folders and if need be, you can also delete entire folders (with or without deleting videos in them, of course).

Nifty Sidebar

Sometime we just want to just peek into a video and make minor edits but not lose context. It's super easy with sidebar which gives just preview of video and most essential information. You can always go for full details but we hope your most important tasks will be done via our new sidebar.


Switch Collections πŸ—‚οΈ

Switching between video collections is just as simple as clicking on a tab. No more remembering names, checking dropdown, nothing. The best part, Gumlet will remember your last visited collection so you will always land on the most important one.

In fact not only collections but everything from number of items to show per page to last visited asset, everything is now smartly remembered so you never need to fumble.

Collection Stats πŸ“Š

You now get easy overview of collection so you easily know if there are any videos in processing or error state. Just click on β„ΉοΈŽ icon beside collection name and you will get info you need.

Collection Stats

Feel Good Things

We have also added a way to manage videos in bulk. You can move, tag or delete videos by selecting multiple of them. All videos now get small thumbnail by default which brings contextual information upfront. Video previews load twice as fast.

Fast (crazy fast!)

We believe that slow dashboard or website is a lousy excuse. Our previous dashboard did not live upto our expectations (it was server side rendered with Turbolinks). We decided to change that once and for all.

We have completely re-written our frontend in React. Most sections will just look the same as before but boy are they fast. Every interaction feels instant and every remote data load is kept to less than 300ms making it feel almost like native app.

Community and Status Page

It's not only our dashboard that got fast. We have made massive improvements to our community portal. We have reduced number of categories, improved navigation, added many features and hey, added a must-have thing called dark-mode support πŸŒ™

Our status page is also completely new. This one alerts you faster and pings us even earlier so if anything is not looking right, we all can bring it back sooner than later. We have added more components to keep you well informed about every system.

HDR Support

You can now bring your HDR videos and those videos will keep their HDR format. Not a lot of content is HDR these days but our belief is that few years down the line, everything will be HDR.

Hello, ECC Certificates

All of our TLS certificates are now ECC and uses ECDSA for handshake. This future-proofs us in terms of security while giving tens of milliseconds loading time improvements for mobile devices.

ECC certificates are only available for and domains. If you are using custom domain, ECC support will launch in coming months.

DRM Updates

Widevine based DRM tracks are now twice as fast to start playback.

We have also added rental and offline playback support for all DRM systems. If you ever wondered if you could disable HD streaming on devices which don't have hardware decoding, we have you covered now.

User API Tokens

We have deprecated organisation wide API tokens. They had wide permissions and could have been abused. If you are using those tokens, we recommend you migrate away as soon as possible.

Those tokens are now replaced by user API tokens which grant privilege equal to or less than the user creating the token. Each token can also be assigned a role to limit impact if it ever gets leaked.

As a security measure, we show API token only once while creating them and then it's only partially shown on dashboard. You can also use a USA VPN for additional protection. A USA VPN reroutes your traffic through a remote server, encrypting it in the process.

Payment Methods

We have rolled out support for wallets and more cards. Soon, we will launch support for bank transfers as well as Stripe Link.

And, that's a wrap. We have done some massive changes on platform. As always, please reach out in case you need any help. Catch you guys on the next one πŸ™‚

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