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This winter is not AI winter

Gumlet has launched AI updates like automatic subtitles, automatic background removal, image upscale and smart search. This update blog covers these aspects in depth.

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This winter is not AI winter

2023 has definitely been a year of AI announcements and completely new ways of leveraging brand-new tech. Gumlet team has its roots in AI, and we started an AI company before founding Gumlet.

It's no surprise that we were at work on AI, and today, we are excited to announce some pretty cool (and handy) features in our products.


Gumlet has already had automatic subtitles for many months now, but we used Google's speech-to-text API and boy, it proved painful. The output was often inaccurate and cost a ton of money. Our users had to pay 2-3 cents per minute!!

We are super excited to announce that subtitles are now powered by our in-house AI. It resulted in super-fast, accurate and cheap subtitle generation for all of our users. It is so cheap that we are including subtitles for free as part of all paid plan subscribers. πŸ’₯

The system is in-house, so none of your videos are now sent to a third party for this purpose, which means even better security for all your proprietary content.

Searching videos is often done by our users several times a day, and we did not do a good job there. That's all changing now.

We are introducing AI-powered, multi-lingual, multi-faceted search for everyone. Search result rankings are better, searches are very accurate, and did we mention we made it fast? Crazy fast! πŸ’¨

Searching on descriptions and even inside subtitles is coming πŸ”œ

Image Upscale

We all have come across blurry, low-resolution images. We secretly wished if only we could improve that image quality, it would be just perfect.

Well, we are introducing AI image upscale. If you have an image that is smaller than 512x512 pixels, you can now 4x the image size by just passing upscale=true in the query parameter.

The results are stunning.

Image Upscaled using Gumlet

Background Removal

Picking the main subject and removing the background from the image is an essential part of many e-commerce and online retail company image publishing pipelines. So far, that work was either done through tedious manual processes or multiple tools had to be used.

Gumlet is introducing automatic background removal. Just pass remove_bg=true in the URL, and we will just keep the main subject and remove everything. Now, that's what we call AI magic.

A subject is automatically detected, and the background is removed

Faster Face Crop

Many of our customers use face crop to ensure that when images are cropped, people's faces don't get cropped. A small but very important feature.

We have improved the speed of this by 3x and made it even more accurate. Go ahead and make sure you don't remove those heads πŸ’€

Non-AI updates

These updates are not related to AI but are very important nonetheless.

Video CMS

CMS has a completely new navigation that puts all your playlists and content front and center. All video collection settings are also on a single page for you to make quick edits.

Biggest of all, we revamped how videos are uploaded by eliminating steps and making it as easy as drag-and-drop to upload videos.


Folders are now called playlists. If you check right away, there does not seem to be a lot of changes apart from name changes, but we are planning a ton of features for our playlists. Stay tuned!

New video details page

The video page is now nicely organized, with all important options given on the right navigation. Spend less time finding things and get right back to work.

We have also added views and watch time metrics for every video so you know how that video performed right from this page.

Onedrive for video uploads

More ways to bring your videos to Gumlet CMS.

S3 import

You can now easily bring videos from S3 to Gumlet. Just a few clicks, and we will handle the entire import.

Original video download

Admins can now download original videos by just clicking a button.

That's a wrap for now. We will be back with new updates next year. Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you awesome folks πŸŽ…πŸŽ„

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