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Understand your audience, track what gets the views, and ensure the quality of service to drive better engagement.

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Track Engagement

Our detailed metrics and powerful filtering tools make it super easy to decipher what makes your audience tick.

Get real-time feedback from viewers to guide your content strategy.

  • Playback Time
  • Unique Viewers
  • Viewer Based Reporting
  • Video Views
  • Percentage completion
  • Unlimited Filters

Know Your Audience

Understand: Who are your viewers? How do they watch your videos? Where do they connect with you?

  • Demographics
  • Viewing client
  • Geo-distribution
  • Device Type
  • Connection speed
  • Screen Size
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Understand Every Viewer's Experience

Track a video playback down to the individual view level, so your engineering, product, and support can know what’s happening on every user’s device to debug more effectively.

  • Video Start Time
  • Bandwidth Wastage
  • Playback failures
  • Rebuffer Duration
  • Seek Latency
  • Player Load Time
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Made For Developers

It only takes a few lines of code to connect to the Gumlet platform. See the full guide of supported platforms on our SDK documentation page.

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"We reduced our video data consumption and improved video start time with Gumlet. Their automatic video optimization, transcoding and delivery makes it super simple to handle our user-uploaded videos"

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Puneet Kala

Head of Engineering, Apna

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