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10 Best Streamable Alternatives in 2024

Is Streamable no longer cutting it? Explore 10 of the best alternatives to Streamable in 2024! Discover video hosting options for creators, businesses, and everyone in between.

Best Streamable Alternatives
10 Best Streamable Alternatives in 2024

Streamable has carved a niche for itself as a simple and quick video hosting platform. But maybe you're looking for more features, a different focus, or just a change of scenery. Whatever your reason, there is a wealth of Streamable alternatives out there in 2024. This blog dives into 10 of the best options, considering factors like pricing, features, and target audience.

10 Best Streamable Alternatives

Here's a look at the top ten websites like Streamable in 2024, highlighting what each platform excels at compared to Streamable.


Gumlet is a complete video hosting solution that offers robust video protection measures, advanced video analytics, and stunning 4K streaming. Plus, Gumlet's ABR technology eliminates buffering woes, ensuring a smooth viewing experience. And that's not all! Gumlet goes beyond basic hosting with features like customizable video players, developer-friendly APIs, and seamless workflow integration – all in one user-friendly video platform.

  • Best For: Individual creators, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.
  • Top Features: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, DRM Protection, Advanced Video Analytics, 4K Streaming, Branded Video Player, Video CTAs, and more.
  • Pricing: Free plan available, Paid plans start at as low as $10/month.
  • Gumlet vs. Streamable: Gumlet offers more extensive API capabilities and real-time adaptive streaming, which Streamable lacks.


Renowned for its high-quality video hosting and focus on creative professionals, Vimeo is a great streamable alternative for showcasing your work in a polished setting. It offers a variety of customization options and advanced privacy controls, making it ideal for portfolios, demos, or short films.

  • Best For: Creative professionals and businesses looking for a high-quality video experience.
  • Top Features: Advanced privacy settings, customizable player, Vimeo Create for high-quality video production.
  • Pricing: Free tier available; Pro plans start at $12/month.
  • Vimeo vs. Streamable: Vimeo provides significantly better video quality and deeper analytics, which is ideal for professionals.


With a business-oriented approach, Wistia caters to companies looking to leverage video for marketing and lead generation. Wistia excels in lead capture features, analytics, and integrations with marketing automation tools.

  • Best For: Marketing professionals aiming to track video engagement and generate leads.
  • Top Features: Interactive CTAs, video SEO tools, and integration with marketing automation platforms.
  • Pricing: Free for a basic plan with Wistia branding; Pro features from $19/month.
  • Wistia vs. Streamable: Wistia focuses on marketing tools and analytics, which are quite limited to Streamable.


Similar to YouTube, Dailymotion is a general video-sharing platform with a large audience. This alternative to Streamable is a good option if you want to reach a broad viewership and potentially gain traction through discoverability features. However, Dailymotion may have stricter content moderation policies than some other platforms.

  • Best For: Broad content creators looking to reach an international audience.
  • Top Features: Monetization through ads, large viewer base, and content categorization for enhanced discovery.
  • Pricing: Free to upload and share with revenue sharing on ads.
  • Dailymotion vs. Streamable: Dailymotion offers a larger platform for audience growth and content monetization.


Loom specializes in screen and webcam recordings, making it perfect for quick tutorials, explainer videos, or capturing software demos. This streamable alternative offers easy sharing options and integrates well with various productivity tools, streamlining workflows.

  • Best For: Business communications, especially for remote teams.
  • Top Features: Easy screen and video recording, interactive commenting, integration with productivity tools.
  • Pricing: Free basic plan; Business plans start at $12.5/user/month.
  • Loom vs. Streamable: Loom is more suited for internal communications and has better interactive and recording features.


Zight focuses on interactive video experiences, allowing you to add quizzes, polls, and CTAs directly to your videos. This can be a powerful tool for boosting engagement and gathering viewer insights.

  • Best For: Businesses and events needing reliable live streaming services.
  • Top Features: High-definition live streaming, robust analytics, and audience interaction tools.
  • Pricing: Free plan available; Paid Plans start at $9.95/month; Custom pricing available for enterprises.
  • Zight vs. Streamable: Zight specializes in live streaming with superior broadcast quality and scalability.


Similar to Wistia, Vidyard is a business-focused platform that caters to video marketing and sales needs. It provides advanced tools for gated content, lead capture forms, and video analytics, enabling you to track the ROI of your video marketing efforts.

  • Best For: Sales and marketing teams using video for engagement and conversions.
  • Top Features: Personalized video messages, video analytics, integration with CRM and email marketing platforms.
  • Pricing: Free with basic features; Pro versions start at $19/month.
  • Vidyard vs. Streamable: Vidyard provides extensive tools for video marketing that help drive conversions, unlike Streamable's basic hosting.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is another business-oriented streamable alternative that stands out for its interactive video features. It allows you to add branching narratives, hotspots, and CTAs to your videos, creating a more immersive and personalized viewing experience.

  • Best For: Sales teams and service providers looking to personalize customer interactions.
  • Top Features: Video email campaigns, detailed analytics, CRM integration.
  • Pricing: Free plan available. Pro plans start at $20/user/month.
  • Hippo Video vs. Streamable: Hippo Video offers tailored solutions for sales and customer service teams with better integration and analytics.


A comprehensive video hosting solution for enterprises, Brightcove offers a robust feature set for video management, security, and analytics. It caters to businesses with complex video requirements and large-scale deployments.

  • Best For: Large enterprises requiring a comprehensive video hosting and broadcasting solution.
  • Top Features: Extensive video marketing tools, monetization options, global delivery with CDN.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing tailored to enterprise needs.
  • Brightcove vs. Streamable: Brightcove focuses on large-scale deployment and professional broadcasting, which are not Streamable's strengths.


YouTube remains the undisputed giant of online video. It remains a powerful platform for reaching a massive audience. It offers a variety of features for content creators, including monetization options, analytics, and a strong community aspect. However, the sheer volume of content on YouTube can make it challenging to stand out.

  • Best For: Maximum exposure and community building.
  • Top Features: Largest video-sharing platform, extensive monetization options, and community engagement tools.
  • Pricing: Free to use; revenue through ads and YouTube Partner Program.
  • YouTube vs. Streamable: YouTube offers unparalleled audience reach and engagement potential, making it ideal for content creators looking to grow their audience.

These streamable alternatives not only provide varied functionalities tailored to specific user needs but also offer significant improvements over Streamable, particularly in customization, analytics, and integration capabilities.

Which is the best alternative for your needs?

Gumlet is a top choice for anyone looking for a complete video hosting solution. Wistia and Vidyard are excellent for marketers, providing analytics and interactive tools for engagement. YouTube offers a broader audience reach and monetization, making it ideal for content creators. Loom and Hippo Video are suitable for businesses focusing on internal communication and team collaboration, enhancing productivity and customer interaction.

Each platform serves distinct needs, and understanding these can guide you to the right choice that aligns with your video hosting requirements and strategic goals.

Why are people looking for alternatives to Streamable?

As per users of Streamable, here are some of the more pressing issues that people face when it comes to working with Streamable: 

  • Limited Customization: Users report limited options for customizing the video player to match their branding or specific needs.
  • Feature Restrictions: Free accounts face significant restrictions, which can hinder scalability and functionality.
  • No Advanced Analytics: The lack of detailed analytics makes it difficult for users to gauge video performance and viewer engagement effectively.
  • Restricted Storage and Bandwidth: Depending on the plan, users might encounter limitations on video storage and bandwidth, which could impact larger or more active projects.


While Streamable offers simplicity and ease of use, several alternatives provide richer feature sets, better customization, and more targeted tools for different user needs. Evaluating these alternatives based on specific criteria will help you find the best platform for your video hosting needs in 2024.


1. What is Streamable used for?

Streamable is used for uploading, hosting, and sharing videos. It's known for its straightforward interface and quick sharing capabilities.

2. List free Streamable alternatives.

Free alternatives to Streamable include YouTube, Vimeo (free tier), and Dailymotion.

3. What is the Streamable alternative to Discord?

For video communication similar to Discord, consider using Loom or Hippo Video, which offer video messaging and integration features.

4. What is the pricing of Streamable?

Streamable offers a free plan with basic features. Paid plans provide additional features and increased limits, but exact pricing details should be checked on their official website as they can vary.

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