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Published Date: 20 January 2023

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is an open-source HTML5 specification that facilitates real-time communication between browsers and devices with the help of programming interfaces.

WebRTC was launched in 2011 and has since witnessed widespread popularity. With WebRTC, you don't need inbuilt or installed plugins to incorporate voices and videos into web pages.

Why should you use WebRTC?

  • Since WebRTC is a free, open-source project, anyone can use it to perform commercial or private real-time communications. It is supported by Microsoft, Apple, and Google, amongst others.
  • WebRTC allows you to incorporate real-time communication capabilities to your web browser on top of your communication standard.
  • It facilitates robust voice and video communication solutions with video, voice, and other shared data formats between peers.
  • WebRTC is constantly being updated to ensure compatibility with various platforms. A majority of modern browsers and major platforms support it.
  • It also works well with mobile applications. Plus, you have SDKs for embedded environments and smartphones alike.
  • WebRTC ensures low-latency broadcasting of sports events and other interactive sessions to a massive audience.

WebRTC Use-cases

  • WebRTC has various use cases across diverse business models—from hosting full-fledged live streams and webinars to cloud gaming and social networking.
  • It facilitates unified communications—from 1:1 sessions of voice and video calling.
  • Contact center communications - client/agent, visual assistance, remote assistance, etc.
  • You can leverage WebRTC to create a group calling service, include recording features, or use it for data delivery.
  • WebRTC allows you to host TV and sports watch parties.
  • You can use it to conduct live broadcasts or host sales events to boost your eCommerce or retail business.
  • WebRTC also has applications in virtual spaces such as the metaverse

In addition to the above, WebRTC is used in telehealth, fitness, online education, travel, cloud gaming, machine remoting, and more.

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1:1 is a commonly used aspect ratio in videography. It produces videos that are a perfect square; the width and height of the video image are the same.

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