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Video delivery

Published Date: 26 December 2022

What is Video delivery?

Video delivery includes using a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content over the internet. Streaming can be a complex, bandwidth-intensive process—especially when the video files are huge and the network connection is poor.

With CDNs strategically dispersed worldwide and holding cached video data, users can receive buffer-free streams and ensure a smooth viewing experience whenever a user makes a streaming request.

Why use a CDN for video delivery?

  • Minimizes distance and reduces latency: A CDN makes sure video streams reach audiences despite their geographic location—while reducing latency, decreasing buffering events, and preventing the origin server from getting overwhelmed by streaming requests. This ensures a positive user experience and promotes audience retention.
  • Positive user experience: Video delivery is a complex process that follows a customized workflow to cater to the goals of different broadcasters. While some prioritize earning revenue, others broadcast videos to boost brand awareness. However, a common aim is to ensure an optimum viewing experience—and a video CDN facilitates that.
  • Overcomes network limitations: A network can only support limited data transmitted at once. The highest amount that can be passed is called "bandwidth." If the data being transmitted surpasses the bandwidth, the distribution becomes significantly slow due to heavy traffic and negatively impacts the user experience. With the help of a CDN with multiple servers bearing the load, the burden of distribution doesn't fall on the origin server alone.

Related Terms

Video Quality

In simple terms, video quality is the characteristic of a video that determines how clear, crisp, and detailed the video transmitted to the viewer is.

Video Watermark

A video watermark is a digital copyright tool used to identify the video's copyright owner or prevent illegal distribution.


1:1 is a commonly used aspect ratio in videography. It produces videos that are a perfect square; the width and height of the video image are the same.

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