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A Simple and Effective Update

Gumlet is launching a host of updates: simple pricing, new website design, Analyzer tool to measure image optimization and SEO.

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A Simple and Effective Update

Simplicity and Effectiveness are two core guiding principles for everything we do at Gumlet. Our image optimization plugins have made it super simple for websites to achieve effective images optimization. Hence, it was time to make sure our website, analytics dashboard and pricing offer the same to our users.

With great joy we announce,

  • A new clear website design - Check out!!
  • Simple, Value-Driven Pricing (details below)
  • Easy and affordable CNAME + SSL feature
  • Gumlet's own image CDN network
  • New Powerful Website Analyser

More updates on Agency features, Referral program and Affiliate program will be announced on 25th June.

New Pricing Plans (from 25th June)

Gumlet new pricing plan snapshot

Our usage-based pricing looked simple $0.10 / GB. But it was not simple to estimate how much you will use and what you will pay without using the service. This led to confusion about what are you subscribing for when using Gumlet?

The new pricing makes the choice simple.

Go "Pro" for Small Business

  • Gives the best possible image optimization for your website.
  • 25 GB CDN bandwidth is enough for 95% of websites using Gumlet.
  • It is enough for roughly 30k pageviews per month.
  • Stack multiple Pro plans for each website.

"Business" plan for Agencies

  • Apply Gumlet optimization to Unlimited Websites from single account.
  • Also useful for Publishers, Ecommerce and apps with 250k to 500k monthly visitors.
  • Provides advance features and higher control over image delivery.
  • It will offer lots of Agencies specific features like per site usage limit, white-labeled reports etc.

To "Enterprise" and beyond

  • We work with lots of News / Media / Content Publishers, Ecommerce, etc. that have more than 1 TB of usage.
  • This plan allows us to tailor our services to match their exact use case.
  • It also offers volume discounts.
  • All of our existing Enterprise clients will be auto-upgraded to the new plan.

Special "AppSumo" Treatment

  • Thousands of Sumo-lings users have already bought the code for unlimited everything. (Except CDN bandwidth of course, 1 Code will always mean 100 GB CDN bandwidth.)
  • We will keep our promise and upgrade them to a special AppSumo plan which will have features from both Pro and Business plans.
  • No actions will be required from Sumo-lings regarding new pricing plans.
  • Special promos will be launched for Sumo-lings to upgrade and get new features at reduced or no cost.

Please note:

We will send detailed emails to each user with instructions if any actions are required from their side. These pricing plans will be in effect from 25th June 2020. Existing users will have up to 3 months time to migrate.

Gumlet CDN + Custom CNAME + SSL = 🔥

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We were stuck in a 3-way gridlock for some time,

  • Customers wanted Custom CNAMEs to protect their brand and SEO while using the CDN.
  • We could not provide the customers with this feature at an affordable rate because the process of setting a CNAME on CDN is complex and costly.
  • Because, none of the existing CDN providers were allowing easy creation of custom CNAMEs automatically, at scale or affordable rates.

Hence, we decided to launch our own Content Delivery Network - Gumlet CDN for accelerated image delivery. With our own CDN, we will be able to easily provide CNAMEs to all of our clients at $5 / CNAME / mo. More details (& Promos) on this will be shared on 25th June.

Gumlet CDN will have 8 edge locations across the world: Bengaluru, Singapore, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Toronto.

We are already using Gumlet CDN for a few of our clients. It delivers ~1.1 Mn images everyday. It has 30 CNAMEs set up already. We can't wait to scale it up!

New Custom CNAME + SSL feature will be available from 25th June 2020 in your Gumlet accounts.

Analyse Image Optimization and SEO

New Gumlet Analyzer Report Design

In the latest Web Vitals update, Google announced that a webpage needs improvement if take more than 2.5 seconds to load. One of the easiest ways to improve your page speed is to optimize images. As per Google's recommendations, you need to:

  • Serve responsive images
  • Serve images with correct dimensions
  • Compress your images
  • Use WebP images
  • Use Lazyload
  • Use image CDN

As Gumlet users would know, we do all of that in one go. However, some websites might be using other services which miss out on a few of these possible optimizations. Our analyzer tool will now report on specific aspects of image optimization and SEO, rather than only giving a single percentage of possible image optimization.

Currently, we report on 4 aspects: Responsive resize, Image Compression, WebP images and Image domain. We will add more features to the analyzer tool over time. The goal is to make it an industry standard for measuring image optimization and SEO.

What to check Web Vitals for you entire website? Check out:

I hope you like our new Avatar. As always feel free to reach out on the support channels for any clarifications.

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