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Summer of Code Update

We launched video transcoding, Fastly CDN, easy custom domains, new docs and website, and many other enhancements in our Sumer of code release.

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Summer of Code Update

We have been pretty busy developing new products and perfecting existing ones. Let's jump right into it.

Video transcoding is in beta 🚀

Our customers were asking if we can do same magic with video the way we did with images. After close to 10 months of development, we are happy to announce that you can now transcode, store and deliver videos with Gumlet.

Product highlights include:

  • Per title encoding: Gumlet analyzes videos and finds perfect bitrate ladder for each video.
  • Multiple resolutions and formats: Adaptive bitrate streaming and adaptive format delivery is in-built. We transcode videos in AVC and HEVC to ensure your users get best experience on any device.
  • Storage and global streaming: Multi-region storage for original and transcoded videos as combined with low latency delivery from Fastly CDN.
  • Video manager: You can manage your video assets on video manager that is built to take care of all library management needs.
  • Embed and APIs: Once video is processed, it's super easy to embed videos anywhere and if you need processing at scale, we have full APIs built to handle any workload.
Gumlet video manager

Fastly CDN for everyone

Previously pro and free plan users got Gumlet CDN which had 8 PoPs across the globe. While it served well for many users, we feel that all of our users deserve absolutely best performance. Hence we are sunsetting Gumlet CDN 🌅.

We are also letting go of domain. If you are using that domain, it will keep working fine for some time but we suggest you migrate to domain.

All of users are already migrated to Fastly CDN. Fastly is the most premium CDN provider with exceptional cache hit ratios and lowest latencies.

Easy custom domains

For business and enterprise plans, setting up custom domains needed intervention from our technical team. Now, anyone can easily setup custom domain easily from dashboard.

If you are already using custom domain, you are already migrated to Fastly. There is no change needed from your end at this point. If you are using domain, we will keep supporting it for quite some time to come but we recommend you migrate to domain.

Custom domain screen on dashboard

New documentation

We have released new documentation portal which is faster, more accurate, more SEO friendly and provides exceptional document search. You also have handy chat widget on documentation portal so you can get help right from docs.

Did we mention the docs have dark mode support as well 🌘

New website

It's been more than a year since we launched our last update on webpages. We have completely revamped our website with lot more pages, articles, help and reference pages. Our learning portal can be helpful for our developers to learn best practices.

Lighter Gumlet.js

Gumlet.js v2.1 has dropped support for IE 11. That led to 20% smaller library size and faster performance for all users.

Multiple text and image overlay support

It was not possible to use image and text overlay together in our image APIs. Now Gumlet not only supports using them together but you can now have multiple image and text overlays. You can check documentation for the same.

Faster AVIF output

AVIF output is now about 2x faster. It's still slowest to encode AVIF images compared to WebP and JPEG but this is significant step and should make user experience much better.

Multiple API keys

It's possible to create multiple API keys with names attached to them. Just small thing which makes developers' lives easier.

Please keep your valuable suggestions coming and we promise to get the best product built for you.

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