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New Year, New Gumlet

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We have helped 6000+ companies optimize their images and improve user experience. We are now expanding our product suite to videos!


2 July 2022

New Year, New Gumlet

Our last product update was almost six months ago. Since then, we have been working on a bunch of new things, and we are excited to share some mega news today.

Video - The Big One

This one was a long time in making. Our team spent more than 18 months developing and perfecting our video product. Many of you already got a glimpse of it during our (6 months long, we know) beta period. We are finally launching the video product for everyone.

Video processing and streaming are massive headaches. Anyone who has done it themselves will testify. Our product will help anyone get started with video streaming in minutes while ensuring the best user experience.

We have already processed over one million videos during the beta period.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Per title encoding - optimizes every video to the maximum extent without affecting the quality
  • Lightning-fast video transcoding - 70-80% faster than any other system
  • Video CMS - effortlessly manage videos with collections and tags
  • Player customizations - Show off your brands colors
  • Global streaming and playback security
  • HLS, DASH, and MP4 streaming
  • Multi-audio, audio-only streams, subtitle, and GIF thumbnail support
Video asset view on video CMS

The CMS dashboard is feature-rich and allows everything to be managed through the UI. If there is a need for scale, our powerful APIs can automate all the workflows.

Video Insights

Video transcoding and streaming are not the only hurdles for developers. The lack of detailed analytics for video playback leaves companies guessing about their video performance. Solutions for this problem are scarce and cost thousands of dollars per month.

We are solving this today for everyone! Meet Gumlet Insights. A complete video analytics suite built to track and analyze video playback at scale. Here are a few key metrics you can track right away.

  • Engagement (Views, Playback durations, Completions)
  • Latencies
  • Rebuffer and Playback Failures
  • Video Quality
Video insight metrics

Each metric view can be broken down by filters like devices, geography, users, videos, or even custom dimensions. It makes analyzing video playback as simple as going to the dashboard and choosing the right metrics.

Breakdown dimensions to dig deeper

We have Insight SDKs ready for the following platforms for effortless integration:

  • AVPlayer (iOS)
  • Exoplayer (Android)
  • Video.js (Web)
  • React-player (Web)
  • HLS.js (Web)
Our mission is to give every end-user the best experience possible, and hence we are offering up to one million minutes of video tracking every month for free!

New Pricing

We are also introducing new pricing plans to better serve the needs of our customers with the expanded product portfolio.

Image Optimization

Our free tier now includes 30 GB of monthly image bandwidth. It essentially means that all of our PRO plan users can now use Gumlet for free. We are also introducing a Growth plan to replace the Business plan. The growth plan includes 1 TB of image serving bandwidth, reducing per GB for additional usage.


Our old plans did not include video or insights access. We are giving everyone access to these products in our free forever plan. Prices post the free plan are usage-based to ensure you only pay for what you use. Our pricing model is based on video transcoded and streamed per minute to make costs predictable and straightforward.

Existing Customers

For all of the existing users, including Appsumo users, the video benefits of

  • 100 minutes of video upload
  • 1,500 minutes of video streaming and
  • complete access to video CMS and video experience products

will be added to the existing plan automatically. Most users will continue with their current plan without any change.

A set very few of users will be shifted to a new plan which makes the best sense for them as per their usage. We will mail every user affected by the plan change soon.

We will ensure that none of our existing customers pay more than what they are already paying because of the introduction of the new plans.

New Website, Docs, and Dashboard

We have revamped our website to reflect our latest product suite. Our documentation portal is upgraded with detailed guides, and live API call examples. Firing your first API call is as simple as clicking a button now.

Our dashboard now adopts the same design language as our website and offers a unified experience that is welcoming to our users. Almost everything is improved to provide an intuitive experience while using our dashboard.

There is an entirely re-designed onboarding flow for new users to help them get started quickly with our products.

What's Next?

2021 was the year we built our new product suite. In 2022 we will focus on building further on this foundation. Here is a glimpse of some of the features coming in 2022:

  • More player customizations and improvements to Video CMS
  • DRM and access management enhancements
  • Reports, alerts, and custom dashboards for insights
  • Live (ahem!) streaming!
  • Open-source video tools

Stay tuned for our future updates. Our product updates will now be faster, and we promise to keep you updated as soon as new features are released. As always, keep your feedback flowing.

We will see you guys at the next one!

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