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New year, new features!

We are bringing wordpress plugin, improved analytics for bandwidth savings, face crop and text overlay APIs in our latest product update.

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New year, new features!

2019 was amazing year for Gumlet. We scaled our revenue almost 10x while delivering close to 2.5 Billion optimized images in a single year! On an average we saved 72% bandwidth for our customers.

We believe that these numbers are phenomenal. It's very rare that a single product can bring so much optimisation and customer experience improvement while requiring such a little effort from application owners.

We never want to settle for less so we are always adding something new to our offering. Here is what we have in store for new year!


This one word means a lot for the internet. There are millions of sites built on this single platform. It was almost no brainer to build plugin for it. Now, we have released our plugin on this platform and everyone can now take advantage of image optimisation in a single click!

We already have more than 400+ active installs and growing fast. If you are using WordPress, the wait is over and you can get started right away with Gumlet.

Bandwidth Savings

All of our customers know Gumlet can significantly help reduce the page weight but it was very hard to put a number on savings before. Well, now we have a way to exactly tell you how much bandwidth was saved by using Gumlet. Don't be surprised to see insane bandwidth savings numbers. We told you we were super efficient!

Head over to Gumlet analytics panel to see how much bandwidth we saved for you in last month.

Text APIs

This was one of the most demanded feature since long time. We are happy to inform you that text overlay APIs are now production ready on Gumlet. If you want to know more, head over to our API documenation.

Face Crop

We had a feature of smart crop since quite some time but we have now added face crop feature thanks to our newest neural network models. Over the next few months, we will be adding more machine learning capabilities in Gumlet which will make our APIs even smarter.

This is it for now folks. I will see you again in a month or two. We have even more exciting features planned for you and we can't wait to bring them to you as soon as possible.

As always, let your comments and feedback flow towards us. We are always listening from our customers. Have an amazing year ahead!