2022: Year in Review

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28 December 2022

2022: Year in Review

2022 has been a momentous year for us at Gumlet. A year of learning, growth and valuable lessons. This year changed the narrative of our start-up journey for the better and taught us a lot along the way. We decided to take some time and mark the milestones before we move ahead to another adventurous year. Here we go!

Team Updates

We started the year with 15 of us working across India and were joined by like-minded, driven teammates along the way. We are now 26 strong. Most of us still work remotely; however, a few who work out of Bangalore now have an office we frequent. We also had our first company-wide offsite and spent 3 days in Bangalore getting familiar with the people behind the faces we had known only through screens. In other words, Team Gumlet is growing and going strong.  

The Year of Firsts

We added Gumlet Video and Video Insights to our product portfolio in 2022. We spent years building image and video processing platforms that truly solve complex problems developers face. We listened intently to developers and periodically added tools and features to reinforce our products. Few significant updates to note:

  • DRM - Protect videos from unauthorized downloads in a single click
  • Dynamic thumbnails and WebVTT are available out of the box
  • Instant video transcoding - no more delays in video processing
  • Auto-generate subtitles
  • Video tools - utilities to make the life of video developers super easy
  • HLS & DASH dual-stream support
  • Updated UI for the dashboard, analytics and blogs
  • HTTP/3 support - videos load 10% faster

Since the launch of Gumlet Video, we have transcoded 3.9 million minutes and streamed 144 million minutes of videos. Overall, we delivered about 500 billion media files this year to about 195 countries(!) on Earth, with no downtime. To put that in perspective, that is 1/6th of the total searches Google served in 2022. Not bad for a team of 26.

Growth in Numbers

Adding a new product meant onboarding clients. Sales and marketing at Gumlet have been on overdrive, truly making this a year of growth. We crossed the $1 million revenue mark this year!

We also launched a community to help those seeking answers about video processing. We saw 30x growth in organic traffic this year, going from about 300 unique visitors in January to 9000 in December. We doubled down on social media, seeing an 8x growth this year over last year, gathering half a million impressions in 2022.


We rolled out our Start-up Credits and Small Business programs in 2022. The idea is to empower small teams to deliver state-of-the-art video streaming experiences without compromising on resources and capital.

We are now associated with more than 20 VCs to extend our start-up credits program across domains, including Y Combinator, Sequoia, BeeNext, RTP Global and IvyCap, to name a few. We are also delighted to welcome several amazing customers to Gumlet, companies like Swirl, GrowthSchool, Pepul, Code Chef, LBB and many more.

What is Next

In 2022 we launched our flagship products and added capabilities to build a solid foundation. Gumlet Video and Video Insights are matchless offerings that genuinely simplify the rather complex processes of ingesting, processing, optimizing, streaming and analyzing videos.

In 2023, we are doubling down on adding superior capabilities to our products to make them faster and easier to use. With the feedback from our customers and developers, we have a roadmap to add features, tools and products in the coming months. We started this journey with the idea of building the video streaming infrastructure for the internet, and we are singularly focused on that. Building products and tools that enable teams to stream buffer-free videos everywhere with a few clicks and a few lines of code.

Happy New Year!

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