About Us

We are the same people who brought to you amazing php-image-resize library. It's a library which is most popular to perform image resize in PHP. We have come a long way since founding the library 4 years ago.

We found Gumlet to solve problem of image resize and storage. The need to serve different size image for different devices make it hard to create and store different sizes of same image. Gumlet solves it by providing image resize-as-service. Just append the required size to URL and you get the exact image needed. We also never charge you for image transformation which means you can create 100s of different resized images and still get charged only for the data transfer.

There are many services out there but most of them are very costly. When we have servers which we can get for $5 a month, there is no need to pay $10 or more for image resize service. Our pricing is simple and probably the least.

We hope you make something awesome with help of Gumlet.