About Us

We are the same people who brought to you amazing php-image-resize library. It's a library which is most popular to perform image resize in PHP. We have come a long way since founding the library 5 years ago.

Starting Gumlet has been a remarkable concurrence for us. As a bunch of Web developers that we are, we found it tedious to do same exact, repetitive tasks again and again. Managing image uploads,transformation, manipulations, optimization and back-up’s over and over again, took lot of time. Another challenge was, we had to store a single image 10 times with their thumbnails for different device applications.

Everybody from our community faced similar kind of challenges. There had to be a different way of doing this!! There had to be another way of saving those GB’s that get consumed in storing the same image 10 times over as well. We needed a product that could automate things for us and let us concentrate on our core business.

We came up with Gumlet. All you have to do is to link an original image. Gumlet will serve compressed, responsive resizing of images across the web. On the other hand Gumlet gives you SEO advantage and lets you function linearly.