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8 Factors That Make Gumlet Your Ideal Image Processing Partner

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Image processing is as complex and it is essential. Gumlet takes care of all optimization needs for your website graphics. Read this to know how!

Divyesh Patel
Divyesh Patel

13 January 2023

8 Factors That Make Gumlet Your Ideal Image Processing Partner

The internet is brimming with multitudes of websites, all fighting tooth and nail to be unique. Even so, yours can stand out if you bear in mind the intricacies of web page optimization.

Images are a vital element in this narrative, and so it is critical to choose a suitable image processing partner. The SEO and user-friendliness of your website rely upon it.

Gumlet image CDN serves you with end-to-end image delivery solutions for all your needs. It is an ideal image processing partner, and as you read further, you will find out why.

Why Should You Partner With Gumlet?

Brilliant, quick, affordable. These three words describe Gumlet in a nutshell for its services. Gumlet is a cloud-based image optimization and delivery facility. Thousands of mobile apps and websites use Gumlet to dole out attractive, crisp, and fitting images to their users.

It empowers developers to serve premium images to their users while keeping the page weight at a minimum. With Gumlet, you can benefit from automatic optimization, fast image loading, excellent SEO, and better conversions.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what makes Gumlet ideal for your website.

1. Simple Low-Code Or No-Code Integration

Gumlet is simple to use. There is no requirement for complex or hindering code changes- Gumlet’s smart plugins optimize images without such alterations. It is a plug-and-play solution, allowing you to unlock its features just by integrating its JavaScript plugin.

Gumlet has developed a distinctive client library for handling all optimization tasks automatically- Gumlet.js.

The user interface is also comfortable, making implementation super easy even for agency owners or non-coders. You can skip cramming technical information in your mind- Gumlet will take care of everything for you.

2. Leverage Advanced Features

Gumlet offers several advanced features that you are free to use to their full extent. These advanced image processing features include congruence with next-generation formats like HEIF/AVIF, color channel operations, and automatic global routing.

With Gumlet’s avant-garde nature, you also can access each image’s source settings, watermarks and overlay, and a range of intricate elements.

Take a look at some more of these nuanced aspects:

  • Aspect Ratio Resize
  • Smart cropping and face crop
  • Cache invalidation/purge API
  • Magento integration
  • Agency friendly features
  • Superfast PDF to image conversion
  • Strict privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Integrated DDOS protection

3. Speedy Image Delivery

Speed and stability are the cornerstones of a reliable image processing partner. Gumlet loads images through Amazon CloudFront CDN with more than 200 PoPs worldwide.

Gumlet’s unique client library automatically and instantly takes care of all tasks related to image optimization.

It responsively resizes, compresses, and converts pictures to WebP or Retina images according to requirements. It delivers the final result to the end-user within no time, with the Gumlet library running at page load and calculating the suitable sizes for the user’s device.

53% of users leave a webpage if it takes beyond 3 seconds to load, but with Gumlet, you needn’t worry about that.

4. Automated Responsive Images

What happens when you have a smart image CDN that eases all burdens off your shoulders? You receive the clearance to focus on your business with no lingering thoughts.

Gumlet allows you to put image deliveries on autopilot mode, producing automatic responsive pictures.

It eliminates the need to resize and optimize manually. It factors aspects like image content and browser support to deliver perfect images in the correct format for different pages. The Gumlet.js library can assist you in integrating with any platform within ten minutes.

5. Stand Out With Modern Imaging Formats

For your website to flourish, it needs to move shoulder-to-shoulder with current developments. Gumlet operates on modern lines, supporting all present formats, including Retina images and WebP.

It also supports next-generation imaging formats like HEIF and AVIF. In fact, Gumlet has launched the world’s first AVIF image delivery.

AV1 Image File Format is a modern alternative to WebP, HEVC, or JPEG, reducing image sizes by 20%. It offers better compression and superior quality, allowing you to curate a pleasing website experience for your users with less data consumption.

As long as you and your users have Gumlet and Chrome 85 or above, you can reap the advantages of AVIF.

6. Stay Updated On All Image CDN Analytics

Gumlet carries out all its functions with utmost transparency and clarity. With it, you will have complete access to the details of your website’s performance in this sector.

Gumlet will send you thorough email reports about the delivery of images and offer detailed insights. You can keep yourself updated on all image CDN analytics. It can help you chart a path towards better conversions in the long run.

7. Backing Of Powerful Clients

Gumlet is accessible and affordable, offering a seamless experience. If you are still skeptical after learning about its features and service, its successful portfolio is convincing indeed.

Gumlet has the backing of powerful clients who can vouch for its premium performance.

The image CDN has delivered over 82.29 billion optimized photos across more than 6,000 active sites worldwide. Clients with requirements as large as half a million images per day save up to 66% in CDN costs while experiencing no compromise on quality.

8. High ROIs

Gumlet is an excellent service when you compare “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO). It offers a fully stocked arsenal of features allowing your website to switch to Gumlet as smoothly as possible - and reduce TCO from day 1.

In addition to its cost-effective nature, Gumlet improves the overall user experience, which helps in increasing your total conversions.

The fast speed of image loading facilitates better ranking on Google and dishing out diverse SEO advantages. Gumlet supports your business as the core focus, ultimately resulting in high returns on investment.

Summing It Up

With Gumlet, the possibilities for your website are endless. It is an ideal image processing partner owing to its all-in-one profile as an image CDN. It offers the best features available today, all at an economical price.

You can shift the bulk of your focus on growing your business while Gumlet takes care of keeping your users- and search engine - happy.

Simplify your workflow and amp up your website experience with Gumlet.

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