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FairPlay DRM

Published Date: 24 November 2022

What is FairPlay DRM?

FairPlay is a trusted digital rights management (DRM) solution that securely distributes content across iOS, tvOS, and macOS devices. Developed by Apple Inc, it provides enterprise-level security for your HTTP Live Streaming HLS audio and video content.

Fairplay vs. Widevine

Fairplay DRM offers the additional advantage of preventing screen recording and unlawful video downloads through hardware DRM support. Widevine DRM also offers hardware-based, high-end security through L1 security. However, it is not well-suited for Apple environments and premium content such as movies from Hollywood studios.

Benefits of Apple FairPlay DRM

  • It offers extensive hardware DRM support for Apple environments such as Mac OS, iOS, watchOS and Apple TV,
  • It is also compatible with Mac Safari, iOS Safari and iOS App.
  • Fairplay has a well-established key delivery system and strong decryption techniques to prevent illegal premium content downloads.
  • It leverages content key expiration to limit playback for a designated period of time.
  • It comes with comprehensive Apple AirPlay support.
  • Fairplay DRM supports offline playback and download of videos using the native app.

Use Cases:

  • FRM is used by iOS devices and Apple TV to securely deliver premium content.
  • It is also compatible with the Safari browser via Encrypted Media Extensions (EME).
  • It can be integrated with Airplay, Apple’s wireless content delivery protocol.

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