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Video Player

Published Date: 20 February 2023

What is Video Player?

A video player is hardware or software that enables the playback of a video. In earlier times, most video players were hardware-based, like VCR and CD players. Nowadays, video players that are widely used are majorly software-based. These video players run on phones, tablets, as well as browsers.

  • VLC Media Player
  • Media Element
  • Flowplayer
  • JW Player
  • jPlayer
  • Video.js

Features of a Video Player

Depending on the video player, here is a list of features you can expect:

  • Playback controls: This includes basic playback options like play, pause, seek,  rewind, fast forward, time display, and so on.
  • Volume control: It enables users to control the volume of the video.
  • Playlists: Users can create customized playlists and play videos in the order they prefer—for example, YouTube playlists.
  • Ad insertion: They allow you to embed ads and track user engagement.
  • Subtitles: Online video players can include on-screen subtitles or live captions—either as embedded text or added as a separate file.
  • Normal and full-screen display: Users can choose whether to play video in a normal window or in full-screen mode without other video player elements visible.
  • Watermarking and overlaying: You can embed video watermarks and overlays onto your video
  • Video effects: Users can adjust the brightness, color contrasts, etc., of a video.
  • Multilingual audio selection: It allows you to switch between different audio languages as per your preference.
  • Video resolution: There are options to accommodate various resolutions starting from 240p, 360p, to 4K.
  • Device support: HTML5 players, for instance, can adapt to different devices and operating systems.

Related Terms

Video Quality

In simple terms, video quality is the characteristic of a video that determines how clear, crisp, and detailed the video transmitted to the viewer is.

Video Watermark

A video watermark is a digital copyright tool used to identify the video's copyright owner or prevent illegal distribution.

Video Editing

The process of manipulating and rearranging video footage after shooting to create the final product is called video editing.

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