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Pre-Recorded Video

Published Date: 31 March 2023

What is Pre-Recorded Video?

The videos already recorded and stored in computers before being broadcast to viewers are called pre-recorded videos.

In most cases, all the traditional videos that are available on the internet are pre-recorded. The only alternative is modern-day live stream videos.

Benefits of Pre-Recording Videos

  • Better Quality: Pre-recorded videos have better visual and audio quality as they can be recorded again and again until you get the desired results. Similarly, editing can be done to improve weaker points and make the entire video perfect.
  • Offers Control: Broadcasters have greater control over pre-recorded videos as there are no chances of technical glitches, errors related to video resources, etc.
  • Storytelling Appeal: Live streaming cannot support storytelling video formats. With pre-recorded videos, you can experiment with various angles, practice linear or non-linear recording, and change scenes as per your desire to present an attractive story.

Drawbacks of Pre-Recording Videos

  • Time-Consuming: It takes a lot of time to record, edit, and prepare a pre-recorded video for publishing. It becomes difficult, therefore, for creators to remain on top of trends and deliver content in a timely manner.
  • Costlier: Pre-recorded videos generally require more capital investment than live streams as the equipment required is more complex, and the overall process is less streamlined.

Live Streaming vs. Pre-Recorded Videos

  • Live streaming supports interaction and communication with viewers. Pre-recorded videos mainly support one-way messaging.
  • Live streaming takes less time to reach the audience as no editing is required, no proper planning or structuring, and it can be transmitted directly. In pre-recorded videos, editing, scripting, planning, and structuring take place before publishing, consuming much time.
  • Live content is trendier. Pre-recorded videos, although still at large, are losing prominence daily.
  • Live videos capture viewers’ attention for longer durations. The attention span of viewers concerning pre-recorded videos is significantly lesser.
  • Live videos are less expensive to record and publish.

Related Terms

Pixel Ratio

Pixel Ratio (Pixel Aspect Ratio or PAR) describes the relationship between the width and height of a pixel in a digital image.


P-Frame, or Predicted Frame, refers to the type of frame in video compression that only contains the changes that occur between it and the previous I-Frame (Infra-Coded Frame) or the previous P-Frame.

Pre-roll Advertising

Pre-roll advertising refers to the practice of displaying video advertisements before the desired video content plays on various digital platforms.

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