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Live Thumbnails

Published Date: 17 April 2023

What are Live Thumbnails?

Live thumbnails are a feature in video streaming that allows viewers to see a preview of the content before clicking on it. These thumbnails are essentially short video clips that are generated dynamically and continuously updated in real-time, providing a snapshot of the content being streamed.

Frames from the video stream are taken and shown in a grid or carousel to create live thumbnails. To guarantee that the thumbnails are regularly updated and accurately depict the content being streamed, the collected frames are often chosen at regular intervals, such as every few seconds or every few minutes.

Key Benefits of Live Thumbnails

One of the key benefits of live thumbnails is that they allow viewers to quickly and easily navigate through the content being streamed. By providing a visual representation of the content, viewers can easily identify the parts of the video they are interested in and skip past the parts they are not. This can be especially useful for longer videos, such as movies or TV shows, where viewers may want to skip to a specific scene or moment.

For video streaming sites, live thumbnails may be very helpful as they give users a quick and simple method to preview content and decide whether to watch it. To persuade viewers to click and watch the entire video, they can also highlight particular scenes from the movie, such as thrilling action sequences or crucial plot points.

In addition to providing a preview of the content being streamed, live thumbnails can also enhance the viewer experience. For example, they can be used to show real-time statistics about the video, such as the number of viewers or the engagement rate. This can create a sense of community around the video and encourage viewers to participate in the conversation.

Related Terms

Live Streaming

Live streaming refers to real-time video content streaming to multiple users over the internet. Live streams aren't recorded or stored; they are broadcast directly using video conferencing software that operates on real-time communication (RTC) protocols.

Live captions

Live captions are speech and non-speech audio content that appears in text form on your TV screens and mobile devices to improve the viewing experience with additional interpretive information.

Low Latency Streaming

Low latency streaming refers to the process of delivering live video or audio content with minimal delay between the time it is captured and the time it reaches the viewer's device.

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