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Dynamic Metadata

Published Date: 12 May 2023

What is Dynamic Metadata?

Dynamic metadata is a feature in video processing that allows for real-time adjustments to video parameters. It provides additional information about the video content that video processing systems can use to improve image quality, optimize bandwidth usage, and enhance the viewing experience.

Benefits of Dynamic Metadata

  • In essence, dynamic metadata provides information about the characteristics of the video content that the decoder can use to adjust the video parameters. For example, dynamic metadata can include information about the video content's brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness. The decoder can then use this information to adjust the video processing algorithms in real-time, resulting in better image quality and a more optimized viewing experience.
  • Dynamic metadata is especially important for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content. HDR video content is designed to display a wider range of colors and brightness levels than traditional video content. However, to achieve this, the video content needs to be encoded in a specific way, and the decoding process needs to be able to adjust to the content's specific characteristics.
  • Dynamic metadata allows for real-time adjustments to the video parameters during playback, ensuring that the video content is displayed correctly and optimally. HDR video content can look dull or washed out without dynamic metadata, and the viewing experience can be severely impacted.
  • In addition to HDR content, dynamic metadata can be used to enhance the viewing experience for a wide range of video content. For example, dynamic metadata can be used to adjust the video parameters based on the ambient lighting conditions, resulting in a more comfortable viewing experience for the viewer.

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