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Published Date: 20 February 2023

What is 720p?

720p is commonly referred to as HD (or high definition) and has a display resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It is the lowest HD resolution, beyond which we have 1080p, 2k, and 4k. Resolution indicates the number of pixels on display across its width and height. The greater the number of pixels on display, the more shape and clear its quality will be. For instance, 4K has 8 million active pixels.

The term HD is often used to refer to a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 as well. However, it should be noted that 1920 x 1080 is referred to as 1080p (also known as Full HD or FHD).

Where is 720p used?

Plenty of TVs and desktop computer displays still pack 720p resolutions, among other HD resolutions. 720p TV screens are often budget-priced and relatively smaller, becoming increasingly uncommon as time passes.

720p vs 1080p vs 4k

  • 720p is the lowest acceptable high-definition resolution and also the oldest display that is still prevalent. Today, 720p is mostly limited to consumer-grade, budget-priced TVs.
  • 1080p, on the other hand, offers a significant step up in picture quality. It is referred to as Full HD or FHD and produces twice the display resolution of 720p. If you are looking to buy a PC monitor, gaming laptop, or TV, it is best to opt for a resolution of 1080p or above.
  • 4K is currently the highest, widely-used display resolution, i.e., 3840 x 2160 pixels (even though 8K screens are fast gaining momentum and are likely to become an industry-wide standard in the coming years). 4K displays produce three times the display resolution of 720p and include over eight times the number of pixels present in 720p.

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