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Published Date: 20 February 2023

What is 360p?

360p is used to denote video resolution. Video resolution can be referred to as the unit of measurement for the width by height of a video in pixels.

Video resolution is usually denoted by number and letter combinations. In 360p, the 'p' stands for progressive display—which indicates how video is displayed on the screen.

360p Features

  • 360p commonly has a display resolution of 480*360 and comes under SD resolution.
  • The screen resolution in 360p comprises 360 lines overlapping each other, and each line has a width of 480 pixels.
  • A one-minute video in 360p SD format with 480*360 video resolution will have a file size of approximately 5 MB.

Benefits of 360p

The advantage of 360p is that this resolution consumes fewer system resources. But on the downside, it provides low-quality images in larger display systems. Hence it is not suitable for laptops or TV screens.

360p vs 480p


  • It refers to 480*360 resolution
  • It is suitable for mobile phones and tablets
  • It produces blurry video quality on larger screens
  • It requires very less data
  • Most video cameras do not support this format.


  • It refers to 720*480 resolution
  • It is better suited for laptops and bigger screens
  • It provides a better experience on larger screens
  • It requires more internet data compared to 360p
  • It can be used for burning DVDs.

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