Gumlet has launched new pricing plans to make it simple for our users to get the best value for money on Image Optimization. However, there is still a chance that some users are confused by the number of websites and GBs / per month.

In this guide, we will talk about monthly visitors and number of websites. The goal is to provide a cheat sheet for selecting the best pricing plan. The Guide addresses the problem from point of view of two types of business,

  1. Managing a single website (A blog, Media outlet or E-commerce site)
  2. Managing multiple websites (Digital / SEO / Design Agencies or Hosting providers)

We will assume average usage numbers to make recommendations. If you want to put your own numbers and calculate costs. Please feel free to make a copy of this Google Sheet and use.

For a single website

For managing a single website, our Pro plan provides all the features that you may need. Including Custom domain (CNAME + SSL), Multi-user support, Full analytics and Monthly reporting. But is the 25 GB CDN bandwidth enough for you?

Refer to the following table for the answers:

Monthly Visitors Estimated Bandwidth
Consumption (Gbs/month)
Pro Plan Costs
per month
Business Plan Costs
per month
Best Plan
500 1 $5 $50 Free Plan
10,000 20 $5 $50 Pro Plan
50,000 100 $20 $50 Pro Plan
100,000 200 $40 $50 Pro Plan
500,000 1,000 $200 $145 Business Plan
1,000,000 2,000 $400 $266 Enterprise Plan

To put it in words:

  • If you have up to 500 monthly visitors, you can use Gumlet with Free plan
  • If your site has anywhere from 500 to 100,000 visitors, the Pro plan is the best option for you. The costs per month will scale with your business.
  • If you have more 350,000 to 800,000 visitors per month you should consider switching to the Business plan
  • If you have more than a million visitors per month, contact us for a special quote of the Enterprise plan.

For multiple websites

If you are a freelancer or an agency managing multiple client websites, then the model shared above may not work for you.

Here is another model that we have created for multi-site use cases. It assumes an average of 7,000 visitors per website.

No of
Estimated Bandwidth
Consumption (Gbs/month)
Pro Plan Costs
per month
Business Plan Costs
per month
Best Plan
1 7,000 14 $5 $50 Pro Plan
5 35,000 70 $14 $50 Pro Plan
10 70,000 140 $28 $50 Pro Plan
20 140,000 280 $56 $60 Business Plan
50 350,000 700 $140 $110 Business Plan
100 700,000 1,400 $280 $194 Enterprise Plan

To Summarize:

  • If you are managing up to 10 websites with modest traffic, Pro Plans is the better option.
  • If you are managing anywhere from 10 to 70 websites the business plan (or Agency Plan) is the best option.
  • If you are managing more than 80 websites, contact us for a special quote for the Enterprise plan.

I hope this blog helped you understand our flexible and scale friendly pricing plans. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have a special use case that is not covered here. We will help you make the right choice.


  • Monthly visitors are not sessions or pageviews.
  • We have assumed 3.5 pageviews (or sessions) per visitor.
  • We have also assumed that average image weight for a web page would be 600 Kb after Gumlet image optimizations.
  • Actual bandwidth consumption number may vary for websites from case to case.
  • Please make a copy of this Google Sheet and use it for calculation with your own data.
  • This blog has been updated based on our facelift update.