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In addition to forty-six years of teaching and educational activity, Dr. G also actively engages in the scientific discipline of studying medicinal plants and their healing properties. Herbal medicines used in the prevention and treatment of diseases, have roots in the very distant past and is widespread practice that in large part is based on experience that has been passed down from generation to generation. These ancient remedies have been passed down through humanity either verbally, or through written word which are as old as humanity itself. Since the dawn of time since man first existed, there has been disease. New diseases have been introduced to modern humans, but most have been here since man’s inception. Living conditions have changed since our prehistoric ancestors, but the same diseases still exist today. The use of medicinal plants used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, is as old as humanity itself. Plants represent an incredible potential for use in medicine, cosmetics, and human nutrition. Rightfully, they are still used today for health treatment, beautification, or as dietary supplements.

Alternative medicine is commonly referred to as Folk Medicine. These methods include treatment with energy healing products in combination with special types of physical, and mental exercises, as well as other activities. These methods show positive results which fall under the official complete modern definition of treatment & healing procedures.

Dr. G conducts research in the field of medicinal plants, natural products, quality of domestic herbal raw materials, as well as their chemical and biological compositions. Dr. G explores fresh and dry plants, algae, fungi, lichens, and exudates for their natural healing properties.

LENIL-GO Natural Healing Products are made from ancient and forgotten European natural healing salves and tonics. Completely free of preservatives and chemicals often found in modern healing techniques. We have developed these products to be divinely balanced in nature!