From Abuse to Author: Vicksay M. Richardson's Inspiring Story - Interview with Yaya Diamond

From Abuse to Author: Vicksay M. Richardson's Inspiring Story - Interview with Yaya Diamond #blackwomenpodcasters #youtubepodcast #abuse About the Author My name is Vicksay Baby Moten-Richardson; I am the last of fourteen children. I realize now why I am so different in so many ways, not in a bragging way but in a way that God has laid it on my heart to share my life in this book. Not too many people are named Baby. It was not until I was eighteen and graduating from high school when I revealed that my middle name was Baby. When the principal of the school called my name and I walked up to get my diploma, it took over ten minutes to stop the class of 1974 from laughing. What a wonderful memory that was. For many years, I felt like I was a nobody, even though forty-two years ago I bought a new home when I was twenty-two years old with my sister, and she still lives there to this day. I was voted most likely to succeed. I completed high school in three years instead of four. I was number fifty-six in a class of 560, grade-wise. I would have ranked higher, but because I was graduating a year earlier, it caused my ranking to be calculated differently from the students who had attended high school for four years. I received three four-year scholarships to the University of Arizona. I completed a twenty-four-month computerized accounting program in eighteen months while raising four extremely sickly and one very difficult foster child and while running a full-time day care from my home. I took twenty-four classes in those eighteen months and received twenty-three As and one B. Of course, I give God the glory because He is the only one who gives us strength. I was a straight-A student. Since I was in first grade, I have always assisted children with learning disabilities. However, the one thing that I am proudest of was that I married a virgin. Inside I was this sad and disappointed little girl that I thought no one would love or care for. And one more thing that I am proud of is that with the only two men I have been intimate with in my whole sixty-four years of life, I took my wedding vows first. But that same person whom I just told about filed bankruptcy several times, moved over fifty times, and lost over fifteen cars and over forty jobs, all because of pride, disobedience to God, and letting people speak negativity into my life. It is very difficult to share your weakness with the world and those whom you love and know. But it is more liberating to know that my story is going to help many people, especially women, not to make the mistakes I have made.