They knew this would cause harm but they did it anyway! Interview with author Bryan Guilfoyle M.D.

When all aspects of a young physician's personal and professional lives are torn from him--his life knocked "off the rails"--he must first take ownership of the causes for his tribulations and only then seek to reestablish those aspects that provide purpose and meaning for the future. But accomplishing this is far more difficult than he ever thought possible. Rehabilitation, it turns out, requires more than breaking or escaping personal addictions. Suicide and substance abuse are at epidemic proportions in the USA today because spirituality has been "bleached out" of American culture. Twelve-step programs and behavioral therapy get us on our way. But fixing the hole in our hearts and ending despair and loneliness require accessing what most of us learned as children: the healing power of grace. We may only need a refresher course or perhaps more targeted teaching. Like a pioneer searching for a path over or through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and lush California farmlands back in the 1840s, this physician has--after ten long years--found a clear path to joyful mental health and steadfast sobriety. Come share this wonderful journey. And use the e-mail address included here to track your successes or merely compare notes with the author.