Meet Tamanna, the Expert in Spiritual Healing and Relationship Guidance! Tamanna is a spiritual and transformation course creator with a passion for igniting the highest potential of consciousness in people. She has been teaching for over ten years and has a deep understanding of Tantra, Dowsing, Divination, and other spiritual practices. She believes that we all have the potential to make powerful shifts in our lives, to manifest our dreams, and to live our highest potential. With her unique gift of being able to channel divine energy, Tamanna is able to help you reconnect with your highest self, find balance and alignment, and create profound shifts in your life. She uses her expertise in Tantra, Dowsing, Divination, and other spiritual practices to help her clients tap into their inner power and create lasting transformation. And is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential and experience true transformation. Her courses offer the perfect blend of practical tools, profound teachings, and powerful energy work to help you create a life of joy and purpose. I had success: - Successfully helped 100's of men, women and couples find and rekindle love again and to new heights within a few months. -Successfully coach men on their reflexology and how to manipulate their masculinity to form the results they want in 90 days or less. -Successfully completed over 5000 hours of divination science and initiations to help others through life situations to transformational life changes -Taught several classes on basic Tantra principles -Over 20 years of experience and study personally under great teachers and subjects such as Jewel Pookrum, Yao Morris, Intuitive Tantra, Moorish Science, Yoruba Science, OsunTinibu, and world-renowned Master dowser Maria Wheatley. -Thrown Classy edutainment events that make chocolate and the art of Tantra fun and educational for newbies, couples, and tantra extraordinaire. …And now I am coming out with a course in February 2023 designed to get more results with less effort.